Christmas presents!

I’m back and ready to show you all some brand new nail designs this year! I will be regularly posting new tips, trends and things to try throughout this brand new year of 2014. Be sure to sign up for emails notifying you of new posts, or alternatively, you can follow me via your WordPress reader. All can be found in the side bar (to the right if using desktop, bottom of the page for mobile page)! Thank you to all of you that have already signed up!

Without further ado, today I will be showing you some brand new polishes and materials that have been added to my collection! I’ve gathered together all of the nail art related things that I have received this Christmas so a big thanks to all of my family and friends who bought them for me ❤ You know me too well 😉


As you can see, Santa has been very kind in the nail department this year! On the left in the image you can see my new nail art book which I would really recommend for nail art lovers like me. It’s full of inspiration, origins of nail art and even nail art in the fashion industry.

Below the book I have my two new Avon Colour Attract polishes in ‘Rose Flash’ which is orange/bronze with silver and also ‘Blue attraction’ which is a navy and silver colour. They are both Magnetic polishes which I love. Magnet nails are so quick and simple but look amazing! I also had a variety of magnet sticks to go with these polishes. These are not in the picture, however, I will be showing you some swatches and the detail of all of the magnetic effects very soon!

Next up I have my ‘Birthday Babe’ polish by OPI and my mini San Francisco collection from my best friend 😉 You can see the swatches of these polishes in my previous post here.

Below those OPI’s I have a selection of nail files and orange sticks! A girl can never have to many believe me. I also got some new nail buffers which I may just review soon.

Finally, I’ve saved one of the best until last. On the right in the picture, you can see my Nails inc. Polish diary! This set is amazing!! It features 12 polishes, one for each month. So each month I will be showing you a new polish in detail and ideas for each one! Some of the polishes are new releases, some are graffiti, textures etc… You name the polish- this set has it! I’m very excited to try all of these out!

As always, I decided to treat myself to a few new additions too. I found quite the bargain in TK Maxx as I scooped up two full size Orly polishes for just £4 in total! I will be showing you these very soon in my next design! I also bought myself a brand new top coat based on recommendations of other nail art lovers. I decided to order the Seche Vite fast drying top coat which I am also looking forward to trying. Another thing to look out for soon is my review on my top coats! I just can’t wait to share my rant of Sally Hansen’s ‘No Chip’ acrylic topcoat because guess what? It chips… Anyway, saving that for another day! Finally I decided to buy the second edition of the WAH book of nails. I loved the designs in the other book which is why I decided to purchase the ‘Downtown Girls’ book by WAH. This edition features interviews and tips of some of the World’s leading nail artists and businesses as well as some new designs so be sure to check it out.

That is all for today. I cannot wait to start reviewing, showing and providing you with tutorials! Watch this space…


Countdown to Christmas: Day 17

Hello! Countdown to Christmas 17 is here and there’s only 8 sleeps to christmas!
Today I will be showing you more party nails with another Avon polish.I used my navy shimmer, twilight blue, polish by Avon and the Avon ‘Opalesce’ polish.

I really love this new polish by Avon. It’s a top coat with iridescent glitter flakes. It’s perfect with most polishes because of the many colours that can be achieved by the glitter, depending on the light and angle you look at it. Like in some of my other designs, I do prefer to use dark polishes with glitter and this top coat for a more dramatic look. I recently used it with a turquoise colour and I was slightly disappointed because it did look like the polish was chipped even though it was just the flakes.
I still love the unique look. It’s easy to apply evenly which is always something that I look for in a polish. I must stress that this should be used just as a topcoat and it wouldn’t look right on its own- also you would need about ten coats to make it opaque which is not even worth trying…

opal polish_ljmoo123

So if you want to dazzle on the Christmas dance floor, apply a base coat, base colour and two coats of this polish and your good to go!

opal nailsMore nails soon! Also, remember you can vote for me in the china glaze contest… VOTE HERE! 😉