#OMD3 nails! Day 7 – Glittery

Hello hello hello! Please excuse my late post (and muddled days!)  but today I will be showing you my entry for the prompt ‘glittery’. I am behind but, I will try to do a few more prompts soon depending on how creative my nail brain wants to be…


I love glitter, however, it really is a pain to work with. I manage to get loose glitter absolutely everywhere and glitter polish refuses to be removed despite having tried peel off basecoats. Moaning aside, I took the plunge into the sparkle and used a pretty rose gold shade called ‘Crystallised Pink’ from the Avon Stardust polish collection. I believe it’s been discontinued 😦 although, the Avon ‘Mineral Crush’ collection is very similar, it may even be the same. Sneaky rebranding by Avon! I’m not complaining though, I absolutely love the texture and the variety of glitter in these polishes.glitter5_ljmoo123

I decided to go for an accent nail (oh how original of me) and used one of my all time favourite techniques – no-water marbling. You can view a full post on this dreamy look here . I added two coats of the Stardust polish to my nails for extra glitter and then just applied a base coat to my accent nail. I then used the stardust polish, a Gelly polish by Barry M in the shade ‘Lychee’ (it’s a lovely pale coffee/nude colour) and some of Essie’s polish in the shade Master Plan. What a winning combination of brands! 😀


I painted a very thick coat of Barry M (lychee) onto my accent nail and added around three dots of the other polishes. I then used a toothpick to swirl the colours around.


Not my favourite design. Nude polishes don’t really suit me as much as I love them. At least now I think I’ve learned my lesson.


That is all for today’s post! Please don’t be alarmed if you see me jumping from day 10 prompts one minute and back to day 7 and vice-versa. That’s just the way my little blogging world works.

New post soon! Thanks for reading 🙂



#OMD3nails! Day 10 – Floral

Hello! Today I will be showing you my design for day 10 of OMD3nails which has a floral theme. I will be going back to some of the prompts I missed but I really wanted to do this prompt first. When you get inspiration like I did, you have to run with it!


Today’s mani is inspired by a pretty little daisy necklace which was a Christmas present from my bestie, Holly (thank ewwww 😀 ) It’s a silver flower with a gold centre. necklace_ljmoo123I decided to emphasise the amazing centre which reminds me of the gold beads in my primark nail wheel. I seriously would suffer in this challenge without that nail wheel. Thanks Primark. 🙄


I reversed the colours slightly. I worked with white petals on a silver background instead of creating silver petals. I used Rimmel’s ‘Your Majesty’ polish as my base and a white nail art striper from claires accessories to create the petals.

I started with a point in the middle of my nail and simply added white brush stroked to create the petals. I then added a topcoat and an extra blob of a clear polish in the centre and placed on the gold beads. I couldn’t resist and took a close up macro shot of this accent. floral_ljmoo123I think that the simplicity and the colours work well for this design and I’m actually really pleased with how they turned out 😀

I think it would be a bit too much if I created this design on each nail and I feel the same way about a lot of my other designs during this challenge which is why I’ve been focusing on accent nails.


That is all for today’s prompt. Like I said, I may jump back to some of the other prompts but my aim is to complete at least 15 entries out of the 31 prompts! Let’s hope.

New post soon! Make sure you take a look at the other designs in the link up below! Thanks for reading!