#OMD3nails! Day 18 – Love

Hello! Sorry this post is a day late, I had quite a few problems with the design, I wanted to use a newspaper transfer nail technique and despite waiting for my polish to dry overnight, it still didn’t work… grrrr.


Anyway, today I will be showing you my design for luurrvveee. Love. Ahh. When I saw this topic, I instantly though of hearts but I couldn’t think of a design which made me feel like I’d achieved something or created something particularly unique for the title. After a bit of day dreaming and staring at Parisian photographs, I realised that I had to turn my attention back to a place which has a little piece of my heart; Paris.


If you know me or you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, I won’t even need to explain my obsession with Paris, France and the French language. I think that’s another reason why I love this challenge so much, the title is written in French (Oh Mon Dieu!) It can’t get much better than that.

For this design, I opted once again for a mix and match approach. Starting with my little finger, I managed to squeeze in the phrase ‘Je t’aime’ meaning ‘I love you’ using my black Barry M nail art pen. Next up, I used a red glitter polish by Essie which is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not sure of the name unfortunately because it was a mini given to me by my bestie, Zara. I used my Barry M white nail art pen to create the hearts as it decided to work today.


On my middle finger, I used a black striper to create an Eiffel tower on a base colour of Lychee by Barry M from the Gelly collection (also used on the next nail and my little nail). I added a mini heart in the corner of this nail again with the red Essie polish.


My next nail was an absolute disaster. I tried using a paper transfer my essence which I bought on my holiday in Tenerife last year. I absolutely love the designs and the idea of the kit but I cannot get the designs to transfer. I managed to do it once in my previous Parisian nail art and promised a step by step however, I think I need to follow some step by step advice first so I can get these pretty designs to work! Such a #nailfail. I decided to abandon the idea and reached for my bundle monster plates. I used a small heart design but there were some gaps after I printed it so I filled these in afterwards with a small nail art brush and decided to extend the lines coming out of the heart and I filled in the heart too. I think I was just having a bad nail day and no matter what, I knew I couldn’t quite get the nail right. Finally on my thumb I gave up in frustration of my nail failing and decided to play it safe with just a coat of the red glitter polish.


So a hit and miss design but, I still love it because it has an Eiffel tower. Who can resist.

A mini adventure story to finish off,Back in March, I was lucky enough to fulfil my dream and visit the Eiffel tower and many other beautiful places in Paris, for the first time. I am so fortunate and thankful that my family were able to make this happen. So for now, I will leave you with this picture of the beauty, love and inspiration itself and I’m sure I will post my adventures in the wonderland in another mammoth post.

Thank you for reading!

Au revoir…




#OMD3 nails! Day 7 – Glittery

Hello hello hello! Please excuse my late post (and muddled days!)  but today I will be showing you my entry for the prompt ‘glittery’. I am behind but, I will try to do a few more prompts soon depending on how creative my nail brain wants to be…


I love glitter, however, it really is a pain to work with. I manage to get loose glitter absolutely everywhere and glitter polish refuses to be removed despite having tried peel off basecoats. Moaning aside, I took the plunge into the sparkle and used a pretty rose gold shade called ‘Crystallised Pink’ from the Avon Stardust polish collection. I believe it’s been discontinued 😦 although, the Avon ‘Mineral Crush’ collection is very similar, it may even be the same. Sneaky rebranding by Avon! I’m not complaining though, I absolutely love the texture and the variety of glitter in these polishes.glitter5_ljmoo123

I decided to go for an accent nail (oh how original of me) and used one of my all time favourite techniques – no-water marbling. You can view a full post on this dreamy look here . I added two coats of the Stardust polish to my nails for extra glitter and then just applied a base coat to my accent nail. I then used the stardust polish, a Gelly polish by Barry M in the shade ‘Lychee’ (it’s a lovely pale coffee/nude colour) and some of Essie’s polish in the shade Master Plan. What a winning combination of brands! 😀


I painted a very thick coat of Barry M (lychee) onto my accent nail and added around three dots of the other polishes. I then used a toothpick to swirl the colours around.


Not my favourite design. Nude polishes don’t really suit me as much as I love them. At least now I think I’ve learned my lesson.


That is all for today’s post! Please don’t be alarmed if you see me jumping from day 10 prompts one minute and back to day 7 and vice-versa. That’s just the way my little blogging world works.

New post soon! Thanks for reading 🙂