I’m Back! With a look back at Christmas designs!

Hello! Well, hello to those who are still kind enough to read my posts despite my absence from blogging. I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who still visits or has visited my blog even though I haven’t posted. I found out the difficult way, A levels are very time consuming and although I may be several months into the learning process, time management has been one of my weaker skills. I haven’t painted my nails in about a month,( 😫 ) let alone posted. I do still have my Halloween decals to post… But this will be part of a water decal overview, maybe in the new year. I have really missed blogging and I hope to do several Christmas designs before the big day! So please don’t give up on my blog completely! 🙄

My last post seems like a lifetime ago. Which is probably true. Fortunately though, my Countdown to Christmas program that I produced last year hasn’t failed to let me down! Last year, I went for an advent calendar style posting method, revealing a new design each day of December. Please excuse the photo quality. My year ago self blogged with a ‘that’ll do’ attitude as I just couldn’t wait to get my creations out there and I was pretty clueless about editing, watermarks and photo sizes. These days however, when I do post, I spend a lot of time editing photo brightness, size and so on adding watermarks (I’d rather not spoil a photo with a logo or watermark however, some websites like ‘taking’ photos without giving credit to the owner, something that really annoys me! 😡), followed my writing mammoth posts, several grammar and spelling checks (but I still manage to make mistakes…), photo uploads, tags, categories and pressing the final ‘publish’ button.

I do have a new design prepared however, I won’t be posting that right now. Instead, I will be doing a review of my previous Christmas designs from last year. As I said, please excuse the photo quality. Here are some of my favourite designs from last Christmas.

1. Nordic sweater nails

Christmas Jumper nails

I really liked creating these Nordic nail combinations last year. I used a variety of designs as inspiration and used a ‘mix and match’ approach for this design. My favourite part has to be the reindeer on the thumb. These nails can be easily created with a white striper or nail art pen. You can read the full post here.

2. Santa Nails

Santa nails_ljmoo123

I created these nails on Christmas eve last year. They’re very easy to create and I just used the nail polish brushes and a dotting tool to create these santas.

3. Santa suitsanta suit

These nails would go really well with the above santa nails. They’re also quite simple to produce and you can also produce Elf suits by replacing the red polish with green.

4. Snowman

Snowman by Ljmoo123I thought this little guy was really cute, I combined him with some holly, Santa, Rudolph and Christmas pudding nails. You can view steps here.

5. Snowflake 20131207-121921-pm.jpg

I love producing snowflake nails at Christmas. They are easy to create and each snowflake is unique. I use my Barry M nail art pens ad basically doodle all over my nails, creating different snowflakes on each nail. My design that I’ll be posting soon will feature some snow flakes so watch this space!

That’s all for today’s post! Thanks for reading! New post soon 🙂 Although I’ve only just realised how close it is to christmas… Woah. I will try my best to add a few more designs 🙂 🎅🎄



Countdown to Christmas: Christmas Eve!!!

It’s Christmas Eve! Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too, come on it’s lovely weather (actually the weather is terrible but stay with the song) for a double winter manicure with meeeee…

Yes that’s right today I am going to be showing you not one, but TWO different last minute designs for Christmas! As promised yesterday, I decided to recreate my nordic christmas sweater nails. I also decided to try a new design and went for a cute little Santa face.

I did change some of the Nordic nail designs but I do prefer some of the nails of my last design. My reindeer looks sad for some reason in this design but I do like the design on my middle finger. I used a Konad stamping plate to add the little detailed lace/Nordic pattern to the tip of the nail. I do however feel that these nails should either be very detailed and produced with water decals or stamps OR they should be very bold and produced with a striper, like I did on my first attempt.

Nordic nails_ljmoo123I used my new OPI ‘First Date at The Golden Gate’ polish for the red base coat and my favourite white polish ‘Alpine Snow’. I used my nail art striper brush and the white polish to add random patterns onto my nails.

Because I felt like doing something a little different this Christmas and I couldn’t decide which design to choose, on my right hand, I produced a Santa design. It is very easy, especially to create on the other hand. It also works on very short nails.  I used exactly the same colours plus a nude nails inc. polish (which doesn’t have a name on it..) but any nude polish will do.

For the Santa nails, I simply painted the nail in thirds: a third red, a third nude and the bottom third white. I then used my dotting tool to create the fluffy edge on the hat and also blended a few white dots into the beard for a realistic look. All that was left was his eyes and nose. I used my black nail pen for the eyes and a dot of the red polish for the nose.

Santa nails_ljmoo123So which is your favourite? Nordic nails or Santa?

nordic vs santa_ljmoo123

All that is left for me to say is have an amazing Christmas! More posts very soon!

Merry Christmas!