#OMD3nails! Day 20 – Jewels

Hello! I’ve decided to skip day 19 (lipstick) for now and move onto today’s prompt which is jewels.


For this theme, I decided to look at various precious stones. I chose to focus on diamond, amethyst, ruby, sapphire and opal. I added some simple spots onto each nail in a slightly different colour to the base. I then added a small dimante from my ever so loved Primark nail art wheel.


For this manicure, I used a lot of different polishes. After applying a base coat, I added mainly metallic base colours to resemble the colours of the jewels.


Starting with my smallest nail and going left to right, I used the following base colours. For diamond I used ‘Your Majesty’ by Rimmel. Next up for amethyst, I used No7’s deep metallic purple polish called ‘Damson Dream’. My ruby nail is also by No7, this time in the shade ‘Salsa’. I used ‘Love Nails’ by Sinful Colours for my sapphire nail. Finally on my thumb nail, I used a lilac shade by Barry M called ‘Berry Ice Cream’.


To create the dots, I used a small dotting tool and a similar nail polish to the base. On the diamond nail, I used a grey flormar polish with the code WL03. On top of Damson Dream, I used No7 once again in the shade ‘Galaxy’ which is a very pretty deep metallic polish with silver and purple glitter. I finally found out the shade of this Essie polish! It’s called ‘Leading Lady’. Next up on my sapphire design, I used Avon’s turquoise mineral crush polish. Finally, I topped my lilac nail with several coats of Avon’s Opal polish.


I finished my nails with a rounded gem on my little finger and middle finger, a pearly looking teardrop shape on my thumb to match the opal and on my remaining nails, I added an s-shaped silver gem.

Not my favourite design out of all of the manis I’ve created however, these nails look really pretty in the sun due to the metallic polish, just like real jewels.


That’s all for today’s post! Tomorrow’s theme is travel so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!



#OMD3nails! Day 17 – Shoes

Hello! I’m back on track in the #OMD3 challenge! Today is day 17 and the theme is shoes. Oh shoes. A girl’s dream topic.


I wasn’t too sure how to create actual shoes on my nails so I decided to take a bit of inspiration from some cute flat shoes from Dorothy Perkins (you can view them here. They’re currently in the sale!). I really love the pastel blue colour and they look really nice with three quarter jeans while the British weather can’t make up it’s mind. They have a bow at the front with a little charm attached.


I thought that these would be great to recreate and I really enjoyed creating this design. I opted for a mix and match look and created two nails with a bow, a nail with my version of the charm and two nails featuring a kind of half moon look.


I used Duck Egg Blue by No7 from Boots as my basecoat. I’m not sure if this available any longer since I got this polish in a free No7 promotional gift last year. I know there are similar colours out there though.

To create the charm inspired nail, I started in the centre of the nail with a small circle but I didn’t fill it in. I added rough semi-circle shapes around this circle and repeated the process until I filled the whole nail. I love this design because it looks complicated but it really isn’t! I used a white striping tool to do this.


Next up, the bow. I used my Barry M nail art pen at first to draw on the shape but I think it’s reaching the end of it’s life 😦 So I went over the top of the design with my white striper to make the design a little more visible. I used a small nail art brush to add a tiny hint of OPI’s Birthday Babe silver polish to the end of the bow.


I created the half-moon type nail by starting with the base colour and some Alpine Snow polish by OPI. I was going to use a French manicure guide but the polish hadn’t quite dried enough to resist a sticker. Instead of being patient, I used a white striper to section off my nail and created a curved line. I then filled the top of the nail in with the OPI polish. After this dried, I once again used Birthday Babe by OPI and added a stroke of polish where the lines meet.


On my thumb nail, I repeated the bow design and added a little diamanté in the centre of the bow.


As always, you can take a look at the other designs in the challenge by clicking on the in link gallery below.


That’s all for today’s post! Thank you for reading! 🙂