Here you can view some of the most common questions that I get asked regarding my nails. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment!

The question which I get asked almost every day is ‘How do you paint the other hand?’

A: Practice, patience and more practice! I have been painting nails for almost five years, three of those years I have spent practicing more detailed nail art rather than just a plain base colour. My top tips on painting the other hand:

  • Rest your non-dominant hand on the table and hold the brush in a comfortable position
  • Use small amounts of polish at a time to avoid big mistakes
  • Have some nail varnish remover and some cotton buds near. I like to buy pointed cotton buds because they are easier to use around the nail
  • Take your time and remain patient

Q: How many polishes do you own?

A: Including my nail stripers (because I sometimes use them as base colour) I have just over 200 polishes.

Q: What brand of nail polish do you use?

A: I use mostly Barry M, No7 and OPI. These are also my favourite brand because they are very opaque, have good brushes and are good quality.

Q: How long have you been painting nails for?

A: It’s been a good five years since I started looking at designs and trying them out. Three years ago I started painting some improved nail and within the last year, I have been buying and receiving a lot of nail polish so that my designs and ideas can get even better!

Q: How do you paint your nails without getting any polish around the nail?

A: Well… I don’t 😉 I always have to clean up a few of my nails because everybody makes mistakes. You can clean up around the nail by:

  • Using a nail corrector pen
  • Using a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover- I like to buy the cotton buds with a pointed end and a flat end because this allows more precision
  • Use a toothpick for the area around the cuticle
  • Apply hand cream around the nail before painting. Any nail polish which goes off the nail and onto the skin with cream on can be wiped off easily with a tissue or cotton bud! Simple and mess free!

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