#OMD3nails! Day 25 – Weather

Hello! Today I will be showing you my design for weather in the #OMD3nails challenge!


Living in the UK, we don’t have the best weather. It’s a case of rain most of the time and on rare, rare occasions, we have a little bit of sun. But even then the bright light and heat is a shock to the sun itself, hence the sunglasses on the sun in my mani 😉


I created the sun accent nail by starting with a pastel yellow base and adding a tiny amount of orange polish around the edges of the nail. I then used a black striper to create the mouth, along with two rectangles which I filled in and some small lines to create the sunglasses.

On my other nails, I decided to go for rain. I didn’t want the design to be too miserable weather looking so I used a pastel blue base coat (No7 Duck Egg Blue) as the sky. To create a raindrop texture, I simply placed spots of top coat onto the base. I was quite generous with the amount because I wanted it to bubble.


I didn’t add a final layer of topcoat the the raindrop incase I flattened the design.

I love the texture, although they flattened slightly, they still look very bubbly and fun. They remind me of bubble wrap and who can resist bubble wrap?


That’s all for today’s post! Be sure to check out the remaining prompts and the other nails in the linkup!

Thanks for reading.



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