#OMD3nails! Day 21 – Travel

Hello! Today I will be showing you my design for day 21 – travel. The temptation to do more Paris nails was strong but I thought I should spice up my nail ideas to some extent :’)


These nails took me almost two hours to create because I just kept going around in circles and couldn’t make up my mind about the design. I created the airplane nail, my thumb nail and the earth straight away however, I really had no idea what to put on my remaining nails and it was one of those nail sessions where everything just kept going wrong!


After staring at the blue colour (Barry M Cyan Blue) on my nails for far too long, I decided to create a Union Jack to tie in with the travel theme on my middle nail. I painted on the base colour and used a white and red striper to create the lines.

On my little nail, I tried to create a mini passport. This was too difficult to create directly on my nail so instead, I added a few stroked of top coat onto a plastic sheet, I then painted a passport on top of this and waited for this to dry. I was then able to peel the design off the plastic, cut around the shape and stuck it onto wet polish. I just about scribbled on the word ‘travel’ in the remaining gap on the nail.


To create the globe nail, I applied a coat of Barry M Cyan polish and simply added some meadow green polish shaped in random places on the nail. To make the green stand out a bit more, I outlined the shapes with my Barry M black nail art pen.

I think the airplane is actually quite cute 🙄 It took a while to create but I got there in the end! I drew a small airplane with my black nail art pen, filled in the shape with the white nail art pen and added more detail with the black. I added a stripe of gold polish using my Sally Hansen gold nail art pen. You can take a look at these products in a comparison which I created in one of my earliest posts almost two years ago, here!


Finally on my thumb, I took inspiration from the ‘WAH book of nails’ and the city theme. I didn’t stick to cities because I wanted to add USA in there so it’s more of a ‘amazing places I want to visit again’ list. Again I used my Barry M nail art pen on top of OPI’s Alpine Snow polish.


That’s all for today’s post. Let me know what you think of this design! As always, take a look at the other designs in the challenge link up below!

Thanks for reading!



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