#OMD3nails! Day 17 – Shoes

Hello! I’m back on track in the #OMD3 challenge! Today is day 17 and the theme is shoes. Oh shoes. A girl’s dream topic.


I wasn’t too sure how to create actual shoes on my nails so I decided to take a bit of inspiration from some cute flat shoes from Dorothy Perkins (you can view them here. They’re currently in the sale!). I really love the pastel blue colour and they look really nice with three quarter jeans while the British weather can’t make up it’s mind. They have a bow at the front with a little charm attached.


I thought that these would be great to recreate and I really enjoyed creating this design. I opted for a mix and match look and created two nails with a bow, a nail with my version of the charm and two nails featuring a kind of half moon look.


I used Duck Egg Blue by No7 from Boots as my basecoat. I’m not sure if this available any longer since I got this polish in a free No7 promotional gift last year. I know there are similar colours out there though.

To create the charm inspired nail, I started in the centre of the nail with a small circle but I didn’t fill it in. I added rough semi-circle shapes around this circle and repeated the process until I filled the whole nail. I love this design because it looks complicated but it really isn’t! I used a white striping tool to do this.


Next up, the bow. I used my Barry M nail art pen at first to draw on the shape but I think it’s reaching the end of it’s life 😦 So I went over the top of the design with my white striper to make the design a little more visible. I used a small nail art brush to add a tiny hint of OPI’s Birthday Babe silver polish to the end of the bow.


I created the half-moon type nail by starting with the base colour and some Alpine Snow polish by OPI. I was going to use a French manicure guide but the polish hadn’t quite dried enough to resist a sticker. Instead of being patient, I used a white striper to section off my nail and created a curved line. I then filled the top of the nail in with the OPI polish. After this dried, I once again used Birthday Babe by OPI and added a stroke of polish where the lines meet.


On my thumb nail, I repeated the bow design and added a little diamanté in the centre of the bow.


As always, you can take a look at the other designs in the challenge by clicking on the in link gallery below.


That’s all for today’s post! Thank you for reading! 🙂



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