#OMD3 nail! Day 4 – Black and Gold

Shhhh! I’m a day late but pretend this is on time!

Today I am going to be showing you my entry for Day 4 of this wonderful challenge – Black and Gold.


Now in my head, I had this one all planned out. Matte black nails with gold designs including dots, stripes and maybe a hint of matte gradient. For some reason, this didn’t quite go to plan – hence the late post. I tried 7 different gold polishes but each one looked silver on camera or after the matte topcoat. If you’re going to do black and gold nails, they have to be done properly. By properly I mean they have to actually look black and gold…


So back to the design stage and once again by Primark nail art wheel was calling me. I decided to go for a gold bead placement nail. There’s just something about glitter and bead placements, they may take a while but the end result is so elegant and adds a sprinkle of ‘wow’ factor. I took a much-loved macro to appreciate this moment.


As my base colour, I used ‘Liquid Vinyl’ by Orly. I absolutely love this polish! I snapped it up at a bargain price of £2 in TKMaxx (it was in a £4 two-set polish) and I’ve drooled over it’s killer back shade ever since. It also dries really quickly.

I spiced up my mani a bit more with a sparkly gradient. I used a mini OPI gold glitter (I’ll get back to you on the name, it was part of the Mariah Carey Christmas set 😀 ) and a polish by Flormar (shade 394) which is almost like a gold holo polish with tints of red, blue and green, depending on the lighting.


In case you’re wondering, I took these macro shots with a macro iPhone lens so the quality isn’t the best (due to the iPhone camera) but you can still appreciate the amazing glitter shot ❤


I probably wouldn’t do this design exactly the same next time. I would stick to an accent nail rather than alternate between gradient and beads but this challenge is a learning game.


That’s all for today’s post! Hopefully I’ll get back on track with the challenge but I have a busy week lined up so we shall see! In the mean time, check out the other designs I the linkup and be sure to join I at any point! Click the image below to visit the reference page for all the details!


Thanks for reading!


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