#OMD3 nails! Day 3 – Silver

Hello! Another day, another prompt Today I will be showing you my ever-so sparkly entry for day 3 – silver.


I am actually really happy with my design for once! I’m not really a mad stamping fan, but today, I rummaged through my forgotten nail art tools and saw my lonely stamping plates 😦 bless. So after I wiped off the top layer of dust… joking of course, they’re not that abandoned. I love a stamped mani but I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating the nail art game to some extent since the design is already there and waiting to be filled with polish, scraped and stamped.


I used the plate above which I reviewed previously after it was kindly sent to me by Born Pretty (you can read the review here). For this design, I mainly used the large spiral but I tried other parts of the plate too. I used a No7 black polish for stamping since my konad polish formula has separated (cry) but the results were far better than I expected!


For my base colour, I used a Rimmel polish in the shade ‘Your Majesty 239’. It’s a pretty metallic silver, it’s not a glitter polish which is brilliant because 1) stamping onto it was easy 2) removal will be easy (yipeeeee!).


I also added a little diamanté into the centre of a few of the swirls on every other nail. Again, these were out of my trusty Primark nail wheel. I took a few macro shots to appreciate this beauty. Ooof. Who can say no to a silvery macro shot?!

silver7_ljmoo123 silver6_ljmoo123

As always, I topped off the design with a coat of Seche Vite which is my best friend at the moment.

That is all for today’s nail adventure. Check back to see my next design and take a look at the other designs by looking at the linkup below! Thanks for reading 🙂



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