Oh Mon Dieu! The OMD challenge is back and it’s time for part 3!

Hello fellow bloggers, readers, family and friends! Now I’m not going to go into my usual excuses post about why I haven’t blogged, instead I’ll give you a few words; A levels, homework, exams, exam stress, post-exam celebration and cramming the start of next year’s work into the end of term. With that off my chest, I shall begin my first post in a very, very long time! How embarrassing…

I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in the Oh Mon Dieu! 3 challenge this July! For my fellow nail blog buddies, you’ll know that this fantastic challenge is held each July by 4 amazing (and brave!) nail bloggers –Craftynail, Eeeek! Nail Polish!, Nail That Accent and Brijits Digits.

I enjoyed this challenge so much last year, I even hovered in the reception of the hotel for free wifi to upload my designs while on a holiday… hehe.

I have some ideas in mind for the challenge and I’m hoping that the daily prompts will provide me with inspiration to complete the majority of the days and keep me blogging! We will find out 🙄

I would recommend the challenge to everybody! Regardless of your experience, give this challenge a go! You can even enter a raffle after each prompt to be in with the chance of winning some dreamy nail polish prizes!

Here are some of my designs from last year!



coral day 2_ljmoo123


bright 3_ljmoo123







Funky French

Funky French

glitter placement

Glitter Placement




And more importantly, the 31 prompts for this year!


For more information, please see the OMD reference page here and I look forward to seeing you in the linkup 😉

Make sure you follow my instagram page @ljmoo123 to follow my progress and of course check back here to see my designs and designs by other nailartoholics! Thanks for reading!


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