Long time, no post…

Hello blogging world. It honestly feels quite surreal that I am once again typing like the good ol’ days of nail blogging.

I don’t want to start a 1000 word waffle but I feel like I should somehow explain my three month absence from blogging. As you may already know, my blogging routine started to go downhill after starting A levels. I knew subjects would get harder, work loads would increase an general stress levels would rise. I didn’t know however, how much I would let them take over.

I think I was probably nail polish naked for a good month and a bit. Tragic. Although I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and realised that I probably should still set that ‘design, paint, photograph, upload, type’ two hours away each week for some ‘me time’ and a little break from the in-your-face topic that is ‘A levels’ or ‘School’.

I am fortunate however, to have the best family, boyfriend and friends possible. So A levels probably haven’t been as bad as I thought. Until I can find a robot to do all of my work and pass my exams for me though, blogging isn’t my main priority, as much as I love it.

I really hope that I can take part in further challenges this summer as The OMD2 challenge was one of my blogging highlights. I was able to connect with so many people via nail art. I was pretty dedicted and returned from my sunny holiday without a tan after being sat inside to use the wifi to upload my designs. Until a lizard strolled past me.

Recently, I have been reunited with the fumes of OPI and I was fortunate at christmas to recieve so many gifts that will take my blog even futher. I can’t wait to share macro shots and photos with better lighting and backgrounds as well as my new and improved hand and nail care routine. I will be sharing some of these things soon (promise 🙄 ) so watch this space!

Also in my adventures, I set up a little stall along with friends for red nose day as we painted away, raising money for those in need while doing something which I love. I created litle red nose day stickers to do this which was super easy although a little time consuming. But I loved using this technique and I will be sharing it very soon! I would actually love to break into the world of YouTube but I think we’ll save that adventure for another time and just get back to basics for now. I want to change my weekly routine and spice up The Adventures of a Nail Artoholic. Once or twice I hovered above the ‘delete’ button but then I realised that this is my space to say what want and share my creations with the world. I really think I can make it back into the blogging world, even if my audience is just three people and the odd spam robot. As exam season approaches, I may break that goal but I really hope that I can succeed and you will join me on my latest adventures.

I hope I’ve welcomed you back to my blog and I’m here to stay. As always, if you have any requests, please bombard me with questions and ideas using the contact page or my Facebook, twitter, or instagram pages.

Thank you for reading… new post soon (yipee!)


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