Born Pretty Spider review

Hello and Happy Halloween! (Well, it’s a bit late but let’s pretend that I posted this on time 🙂 )

Today I will be reviewing the Born Pretty 3D spiders! I thought these were really pretty so I chose to review them. I know that it is no longer Halloween so it may seem a little late but, as I said yesterday, you can still order for next year! Or even wear them throughout the year if spiders are your thing… The best part is, they’re now on sale!


The siders are available with pearl and diamanté bodies which you can select on the Born Pretty website. I think I prefer the dimanté body though as it adds more of a shine and catches the light. You can view the pearl version here.


spider born pretty_ljmoo123
I do really like these spiders but, they’re not very practical. Unlike the skull that lasted for a while, I just had to take the spider off straight away and the legs kept catching on everything. They were quite hard to apply as they don’t really sit on the nail. I had to file down some of the bottom of the body as it was a bit too bumpy and just kept falling off. As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t really like nail glue so I just pushed this spider into a thick layer of polish. I think nail glue is needed though, especially if you’re going to a party and want it to stay on all night.

side spider_ljmoo123
As you can probably tell, I moved the spider around a little to see which colours it worked with. Originally, I put it on my thumb with a no-water marble spider web inspired base. Despite it being a 3D object on the nail, you have to look quite closely to realise it’s there as the metal is quite dark. I think the spider looked pretty good with the red background though, so I would avoid black and stick to some lighter colours.

little spider_ljmoo123

So would I recommend this product? At the price that you pay , yes. You get two spiders and they’re cheap enough to throw away after one use although, if you manage to attach it correctly, you could even re-use it. If you want something that will stay on your nails for a week, these are not for you. But, if you just want something a bit creepy for a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, I would definitely say to go ahead and order them! Remember, you get 10% with my code NAC10K31!

Order the spiders here

That’s all for this post, new post soon! One more Halloween review to go! 😀

Please note: These products were sent to me by Born Pretty as a Press Sample review. This does not change my views in any way and all of the above comments are my own thoughts and personal opinions of the products.



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