Born Pretty Halloween review

Note: I have now found a way to solve my Photoshop-less issue and I’ve managed to watermark my images 😀 ljmoo123 is back in business! Once again, apologies that these posts are a little late but you can still order the products in time for next year, while they’re still on sale.

Hello! Today I will be showing you a design featuring some Born Pretty products that were sent to me!


As mentioned in a previous post, I chose some Halloween themed nail products to review for the online store.

First up, the 3D skulls which you can order from the store here. There are many other shapes available too, including pumpkins, and I would definitely love to try these out! I love the little white skulls though, they are a perfect size! I probably wouldn’t wear them on my smallest finger but, they’re great for thumb nails, as an accent nail or middle nail.


I was a little worried about the application of this as the back of the skull is sort of hollow. I was proved wrong as it felt very secure and lasted three days before I couldn’t resist and managed to pull it off my nail due to the anger of my laptop breaking… 🙄 hehe. The little skull probably would’ve lasted a few more days though. Luckily, the pack contains five of the shapes so they can easily be replaced, which is what I did, because I think they look great!


  I’m not a fan of nail glue although, you could use it for extra security when applying these.I just painted my nails 3 coats of a black polish so I had quite a thick layer, I then allowed this to dry for about a minute and while it was still tacky, I pushed the skull on top and held in place. I didn’t put a top coat directly over the skull but I put it around the edges of the figure to secure it in place. I think these would look great for a party this Halloween and make your nails look quite unique. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve had a lot of compliments on these nails, everybody loves a nail compliment. I think Born Pretty store should be renamed as ‘Little shop of nail art compliments’. Maybe that’s a bit too far. But everybody loves the Halloween products 😀


Overall, I would recommend these 3D decorations to anybody! My only criticism is that after wearing them for a while, some of the white part of the skull started to chip a little and revealed some silver underneath. I actually thought that this looked pretty cool though! The worn look added to the Halloween vibe.

I will be reviewing the cute little spider you can see in some of the pictures, in a separate post soon! I’ll also be going through how I created the other nails, doing a review on the little white gems you can see on my smallest nail and showing you some Halloween nail stickers…

Remember, you can get 10% off your Born Pretty order with my discount code NAC10K31 at the checkout. This includes the cute little 3D decorations and the products that I will be reviewing! I’ll definitely be ordering these for next year and looking out for some Christmas editions too! ⭐

Thanks for reading!

3D Decorations – (skulls are code 629)

Please note: These products were sent to me by Born Pretty as a Press Sample review. This does not change my views in any way and all of the above comments are my own thoughts and personal opinions of the products.


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