Nails Inc Reviews!

Hello! I’m currently swimming in the amount of AS level homework I have to do so, apologies for the lack of posting even though I’ve promised so many reviews and new designs. I haven’t forgotten!

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t painted my nails in about three weeks but, I do have some photographs of nail designs and swatches which I haven’t posted yet. Yipee! Nail posts!

I’ve decided not to do a full review of the July nails inc polish because after all, it’s September… Also, I haven’t done a full swatch because my nails and cuticles are in nail blogger rehab at the moment and I don’t even think Photoshop can help me out with their poor condition… So here’s an image from one of my favourite OMD2 designs, using the Notting Hill Gate July polish! You can see the full post here!

coral day 2_ljmoo123

As you can see, it’s a bright pink which is described by nails inc as ‘neon’ but, I personally wouldn’t say it’s that bright. It has just enough brightness to give that summer POP! I also used this polish along with my other nails inc polishes a while ago to create a summary gradient which you can see here!

UPDATE: oops. The polish featured above is actually Sloane Avenue which is the April polish 🙄 sorry for the confusion! I will post a swatch of the Notting Hill Gate polish below.

notting hill gate_ljmoo123

Next up, I will be focusing on the August polish! It’s like a mushroom/nude coloured leather effect polish called Fleet Street. Can’t say I’m that impressed by it. Textured polish is something which you either love or hate. I love adding texture to nails such as adding velvet/flocking powder or even nail beads and glitter but, I’ve found that these leather polishes are just not me.


I feel that it just looks like somebody has done a really bad manicure as the polish is all bumpy. Not a good look. The one thing that I do find fascinating about this polish though is that it actually does feels like leather combined with the matte finish.

Application of this polish was quite poor. The polish is very thick and hard to apply evenly, which affected the drying process. Also, the bottle suggests that you don’t apply a top coat as you’ll lose the leather effect so I actually had to wait for the polish to dry rather than use some Seche Vite. Sad times, I know. As I was unable to apply a topcoat, the polish chipped after just one day 😦 quite a disappointing move by nails inc. this time. I still love the diary though and I hope that I can use this polish again sometime to create a textured nail art design. Maybe it could even be used to make a reindeer nail at Christmas… 🙄 I really cannot wait for Christmas nails!

That’s all for today’s post! September nails inc review coming soon along with a review of a really cute new seventeen boots special effect polish!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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