Ice cream nails and real adventures of the Nail Artoholic!

Well hello again blogging world! It’s been a while! I’ve had quite the adventure over the past month-or-so which has caused a lack of blogging and even more tragic – a lack of nail painting. I don’t intend to use this blog to tell my life story but, here’s a mini bit about my sort-of-busy month and real life adventures!

As I mentioned in my Liebster award back in April, I was a GCSE student, studying for summer examinations. Like the majority of the UK, I received my results almost three weeks ago.This day was quite the emotional roller coaster for everybody and I think that it’s safe to say, the extremely happy tears were flowing all day 🙂 For anybody who is just starting GCSEs, the hard work really does pay off and you will be rewarded with strong sense of personal achievement! Anything is possible if you apply the correct attitude, work and effort! Good luck and believe in yourself! (Something which I struggled/struggle to do… 🙄 )

The next step of my journey was to select the subjects that I will study for the next two years and maybe even continue to study in university! I’m still trying to figure out my exact choices, timetable and even attempting to plan around future career ideas. Although I’m still not sure exactly what I’d like to do, graphic design and advertising has appealed to me for several years now. Time will tell.

So those are my excuses! Plus the fact I was making the most of the little time left of the summer holiday… I am back however, with a post that I completely forgot about… oops! Ice cream nails! Summer may nearly be over, okay maybe it is over, but you can’t go wrong with ice cream 😉

ice cream_ljmoo123

They are quite simple to create although they are quite time-consuming as you have to wait for the various layers to dry.

ice cream1_ljmoo123

In the above photo, I just added beads to an accent nail whereas in the first photograph, I placed beads on all of the nails and the Nails inc feather polish on my thumb nail. I liked experimenting with the different types of designs and finding the best nail look.

To create these nails, you will need:

  • A nude base colour (I used So Simple by No7)
  • A coffee coloured polish or brown striper (I used Beanie by No7)
  • A mint polish (My favourite mint polish is ‘Mint Green’ by Barry M as pictured)
  • Some form of nail decoration such as beads, a special effect top coat or even a dotting tool and different coloured polishes to create some sprinkles
  • A matte top coat (Rimmel matte pro finish polish is my favourite but I found out that it’s been discontinued 😦 excuse me while I cry.)

ice cream 5_ljmoo123

My initial idea was actually inspired by a post which I found on Bloglovin, (you can follow me on bloglovin here) by Hayleyparisxoxo. She used a stamping plate to create a really neat and pretty background of stripes but, I was having a free-hand nail painting kind of day and decided to be a bit messy. I actually quite like the messy stripe look though. I feel that it adds that summery feeling of not having a care in the world.

I have actually prepared step by step details for this post for a change! I don’t always provide step by step instructions because as I always say, pictures can actually speak louder than words sometimes. So without any more waffling (slightly ironic -waffles, ice cream, maybe it’s just me feeling dessert vibes) here are the steps!

Step 1 – Apply a base coat and a coat of a nude polish

Step 2 – Use a striper or a thin brush to create some stripes on the nail. If you want to be neat, use striping tape or you could stamp the stripes onto the nail. Just ensure that the base coat is completely dry.

Step 3 – Apply a matte top coat

Step 4 – Use a dotting tool and the mint polish to create the dripping ice cream look. You don’t have to use a mint polish of course! You can create any shade/flavour of ice cream you want!

Step 5- While the polish is still wet, you can add some nail beads. I used nail beads by MUA from Superdrug. The beads are really pretty and available in a variety of colours. I just used a toothpick to pick up the beads and place them onto the nail while the polish was wet. On my thumb, I tried something a little different. I used my nails inc feather polish which I reviewed a while back. (I have two nails inc reviews waiting to be written…sorry )

I then added some fast drying top coat to the green tips only. I didn’t want to add the top coat to the rest of the nail as this would ruin the matte background. So that’s it! Ice cream nails!
ice cream 4_ljmoo123Thank you for reading, apologies once again for the lack of posting. Hopefully, once I have my A level choices sorted, I will be back for business as usual! New post soon!


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