No-water marble nails!

Hello! In today’s post I will be showing you my new favourite nail technique that I’ve used so many times this month. They are so simple to create and all you need is a few polishes and a toothpick!
opi marble_ljmoo123

If you follow me on Instagram (@ljmoo123), you’ll know that I used this design for the OMD2 ‘outdoors’ theme because all of the colours and swirls remind me of the sea. This is probably my favourite colour combination so far although, it works well with pinks and all colours really!

As I said, all you need is a toothpick or you could use a bobby pin clip. Follow these steps to create these no-water marble nails!

Step 1 – apply a base coat and allow to dry completely
Step 2 – apply a thick coat of a base colour, do not allow this to dry
Step 3 – add drops of nail polish in random colours on top of the wet polish
Step 4 – before the polish dries, use a toothpick to mix the colours around the nail. Mix in random directions until you are happy with the nail

Add a top coat and you’re done! I love how each nail is unique with this design, I never seem to be able to get the exact same look on each nail, although, I prefer it this way.

marble_ljmoo123I used OPI Alpine Snow (white) as my base colour. I then used my flormar polish and my Sinful colours ‘love nails’ polish. All of these polishes were featured in my holiday purchases post a few days ago. I absolutely love this colour combination and I really like how there is (an accidental!) white frame around each marble part of the design. I normally add around 2-4 drops of each polish on top of the base colour. I don’t use dotting tools to add the polish, I just use the polish brush.

no water marble_ljmoo123 marble2_ljmoo123

This design has also proved popular with family and friends 🙂 Thank you to my nail models in the pictures below, Debby and my Nan 🙂 I didn’t actually take any of my nail equipment to Tenerife but, I managed to find some toothpicks at the bar and used my new polishes to give everybody’s nails, including Debby’s nails, a bit of no-water marble love 🙄

no-water marble nails_ljmoo123 dry marble_ljmoo123

That’s all for today’s post! LOTS of new reviews soon and hopefully some new designs! Thanks for reading!



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    • Awh thank you! I’m not sure if I’m going to take part this time as I’ve completed two more of these awards and I honestly don’t think I have any more facts about me haha! Thank you so much for the nomination though x

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