Holiday purchases!

Hello! I’m back with the post that I promised! Sorry it’s late… 🙄 I’ve been so excited about these new additions to my collection and I’ve used the polishes so much already!

I previously mentioned that I have been on holiday to Tenerife, this is where I bought all of the new products! Most of the products that I purchased, are unavailable in the UK 😦 That’s why I went a little mad and returned to the UK with 10 more nail polishes 🙂


Quite the selection as you can see! The brands included are Essence, Flormar, OPI, Sinful colours, claires and a budget spanish brand which I can’t seem to find online – I’ll have a picture of the bottle below.

My nail polish adventure began at duty-free in the airport where I was reunited with my favourite OPI. White is probably my most used polish as I use it for nail art and as a base colour. I’ve tried cheaper brands but they just disappoint me 😦 My Models Own HyperGel was great at first however, it’s just got thicker and thicker and it just seems to chip really easily. So sad. £9.95 later and I was the proud owner of a brand new Alpine Snow. I would never really pay this much for a nail polish but I was on holiday (anything goes!) and they normally retail at between £11-£12 so I was quite happy. I love this polish so much. You may have guessed 🙄

alpine snow_ljmoo123

Next up, a trip to claires! Again, this was in the airport. I thought this colour was really pretty and I haven’t got another colour like this. It’s like a neon/pastel green. It’s not too opaque but I find that it looks best on top of a white base colour, such as OPI alpine snow! 


I will be doing a full review of this polish and swatches soon! You can’t always appreciate polish in a bottle.

Last year, I discovered an amazing shop situated in Playa de las Americas. Flormar. I’d never seen anything to do with the Flormar brand in the past so when I saw this shop, I was speechless. Row after row of nail polish in every colour. Just wow. Needless to say, on the second day of the holiday this year, off to Flormar I went! I purchased three colours – A grey (can’t seem to find grey polish anywhere in the UK!) deep blue/green, and an Icy topcoat which I featured in my last post. I love Flormar but I have only one complaint. The polishes don’t have names. This may not bother most people but when it comes to blogging, I just find it annoying how I have to type numbers rather than names and numbers don’t reflect the colour 😦 Maybe that’s just me being picky. flormar_ljmoo123


The grey colour is the shade WL03, the icy top blue polish is called IT01 and the final polish is the shade 450. The prices range from around €1.99 to €2.99 if I remember correctly… I may be wrong. Considering the price, I love these polishes! They are long lasting, easy to apply, brush is a little odd but I really love the lid because it’s easy to hold as it’s just a little thicker than a biro pen. I will do a full review soon!

Next up, Sinful colours! Massive thanks to Debby for giving me this polish 😉 I love love love the colour! ! It’s the shade ‘Love Nails’  which is a blue polish with a blue/green shimmer! It just reminds me of the sea and the beach and summer and it’s just so pretty!


The camera really doesn’t do it justice! I’ve been using this polish to create my no-water marbled nails and it looks great with my 450 flormar polish and alpine snow by OPI! I’ll be posting those ASAP! Sinful colours are available from most Boots stores and online sites. Starting at £1.99, how can you resist?


I have been so excited about these next products! I saw the essence stand and my face must have been hilarious. I wanted to buy the whole range. I’ve seen a few random essence products in the UK but I’ve never seen a whole stand! I didn’t know that they offered so many amazing products! I knew that I wanted to re-purchase the nail corrector pen (pink pen above) because I bought one last year and loved it! Barry M offer a similar nail corrector pen but they’re pretty expensive! The essence corrector pen was around €3.99 (I really should check my receipts and update this page… sorry for the lack of info) I then bought essence’s version of a nail art pen because it’s quite clear how much I love my Barry M nail art pens so, I thought I’d try this one out!

Paper Print manicure you ask…? Well. I am so excited about these! I’m hoping that they won’t disappoint! In the past, I’ve seen newspaper manicures however, they’ve never really worked when I’ve tried… This paper print is similar to a water decal – you use the transfer solution and print the pretty papers onto the nail! I picked up two different packs, each pack contains 6 designs ! I’m going to do a full review but I will say, one of the packs contains a french newspaper print!! That may have influenced my purchase 🙄 I love France and the French language!

I needed a new base coat so I thought I’d try this base coat by Essie! It’s the 24/7 base coat which is so cool! It has a matte finish meaning that the nail polish is more likely to stick to the base for a longer amount of time. I also bought a new top coat – the better than gel nails top coat – which looks quite scary in the bottle! I can’t find this on the essence website so I’m not sure if it’s still available all over the World. So far, I love this top coat! Look out Seche Vite that’s all I can say! Again, I will be doing a full review. I’ve promised a lot of reviews and posts today… I’d better get typing! I painted my nails on Sunday with the water marble design (my new favourite design… can you tell? 🙂 ) and only today (Thursday) my nails have shown signs of chipping! Almost 5 days of wear! I’m not sure if this is down to the base coat or the top coat or a combination of both. I shall experiment!

Finally, my little neon yellow polish! I’m going to try to find out exactly what this brand is but all I know is that it’s cheap! Haven’t tried this one yet because I can’t say I’m keen on yellow polish but, I’ve wanted a neon yellow to use with my neon orange and pink colours for future gradient manicures!yellow_ljmoo123

That’s it for this mega long post! Thanks for reading (if you’re still awake after all of that!)

Good luck to all of those who have entered the OMD2 nails contest! Results tonight! It was such a brilliant challenge. Thanks again to the hosts!

New posts soon!


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