OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 28 – Bridal

Hello! In my last post, I said that I wasn’t going to post anymore OMD2 challenges…well SURPRISE! Here’s another one!

I’ve actually been away on holiday for the past two weeks 😀 which is why my posts may contain mini mistakes and a lack of detail! I really don’t get along with the mobile/tablet version of WordPress and it obviously doesn’t like me 😦  It would take almost half an hour just to attempt to press the ‘publish’ button without it crashing… taking over the hotel wifi to make OMD2 posts was probably also to blame… The dedication was there! At least I still managed to post though 🙂 Happy days!

Anyway, today I will be showing you some nails for the Bridal theme! My model, once again, is my fab friend Kesia! Thank you!


I started by using a nail file to make to nails shorter as these are actually plain, false nails available from all good beauty stores. I applied a coat of Models Own HyperGel in the shade White light, (Did I mention that I’ve bought a new Alpine Snow by OPI?!?! 😀 woop woop!) and allowed this to dry. I then added a coat of my Avon Opal top coat which is so pretty! It’s an iridescent polish which looks different depending on the base colour so the combinations are endless! 

opal polish_ljmoo123

As an accent nail, I used some pearly white caviar nail beads which you can purchase from ebay or Born Pretty (you can get 10% off Born Pretty with the discount code LMX31) I really like caviar beads but I don’t really wear them that often because I have a bad habit of picking them off of my nails or just losing them due to poor topcoats! I applied quite a thick layer of polish, poured the beads on top, pressed them into the nail and applied a top coat. The top coat did actually make them look a little like polystyrene because it bonded the beads together but at least they lasted a lot longer!!

bridal 2_ljmoo123


As always I added my Seche Vite top coat to all of the nails to add extra shine!

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been away for almost two weeks (in the sunny land of Tenerife! ⭐ ) so I have so many new purchases to show! I went to Tenerife with 2 polishes and returned with 12 polishes so, I’ll let you do the calculations! Yes, I went a little mad but I couldn’t just leave those 10 amazing colours there! New post very soon to show what I bought!






Thanks for reading! As I said, new post soon! I’ve loved this nail challenge so much! I may just try and do one more challenge before the deadline!


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