OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 27 – Nautical!

Hello! It’s Nautical nails time! I’ve been really excited about this theme ever since the OMD2 challenges were released and today is finally the day 😀 I love nautical nails. Although I’ve never posted any of my nautical design on my blog, I’ve tried them out a few times when I was younger, inspired by the cutepolish YouTube nautical nail design.


Today’s nail model is my amazing buddy, Zara! If you’ve read my blog since around Christmas time, you’ll know that Zara has very good taste when it comes to nail polish and my Christmas presents 😉 you can see some swatches of the OPI mini colours that she got me in my countdown to Christmas series (I’ll insert a link soon, I’m currently posting from my mobile so wordpress won’t let me insert a link right now 😦 ) . Thank you once again ❤

I wanted to try to include as many nautical icons and colours in this mani as possible. I thought about using a stamping plate because I think there’s a little anchor on a bundle monster wheel but I must have completely forgotten in mid-design. That happens. A lot.

Anyway, I went with my initial idea to create a no-water marble on the thumb nail. You may have guessed that I’m slightly addicted to this method at the moment. I’ve already used this nail technique twice this week with blues, greens and white to create a summer ocean look. I shall post those soon 😀


On the other nails, I was just completely random. I used a boots limited edition Christmas Minnie Mouse polish from a gift set (also from Zara 🙂 you’re like my nail polish supplier!) on the smallest nail just to break up the complicated looking nails.

To create an anchor on the next nail , I used my good old Barry M nail art pen in white, and just drew the shape of the anchor, starting with the circle at the top.I used a red shade as my base colour.


On the middle nail, I used the chevron tape technique to create a blue and white zig zag look. I applied Models Own HyperGel in white light to the base followed by the blue shade after using some white labels as guides. 

On the next nail, I did something a little different. I wish I’d just used one colour or different blue shades rather than red and blue but c’est la vie. I used a white base colour (Models Own white light HyperGel) and then it gets a little messy. This sugar spun method works well with old, thick polishes. You just put a little polish on a palette or a plate or something similar, and use a toothpick to pick up the polish and drag it over the nail. Sounds complicated. But it’s not that difficult. I’ll try and do a tutorial soon! Pictures really do speak louder than words sometimes.

As I said, I used a no-water marble technique on the thumb. I used models own HyperGel in white light (I’ve decide that I don’t like this polish… So I bought a new OPI Alpine snow 😀 ⭐ ) and the blue polish that I also used on the middle nail, which is the Cobalt Blue March polish from my nails inc diary which I’ll link to soon! Or use my search bar/archives if you’re desperate to find the review right now!

I finished off, as always, with a top coat to seal the design. There are endless options for nautical nails in terms of the colours and symbols you can use. Hopefully I’ll think of some new nautical designs soon!


Thanks for reading! That’s actually all of the designs that I have prepared for OMD2 although, the link up is open until 5 August so I may have time to squeeze a few random manicures in by then! Check back soon and you can subscribe to my blog through WordPress or by email if you don’t want to miss a post! 😀 please see the sidebar for more details.


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