OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 25 – Roses

Hello! Today I will be showing you my design for the roses theme of OMD2! Today’s model is my friend Aimee so thank you 😀

I was slightly stuck for this theme because as you may know, I’ve painted many cath kidson inspired roses in the past. As the rules state on this challenge, you can’t recycle old mani designs so I had to come up with something a little different.

I began by painting a pink base colour with a pinky pure by No7. I used a white striper to paint a few vertical stripes on the nail. I then added my Rimmel matte topcoat which I have just found out has been discontinued!!! Noooooooo! So I’ll be on the hunt for a new matte topcoat soon and try and do a review! I loved that matte top coat 😦

To make the roses, I added a little dot of pink polish followed by another dot of a metallic red polish, and mixed them together with a tooth pick to create a mini no-water marble rose sort of look. I then used a green striper to add some leaves.


I didn’t add a topcoat because I didn’t want to get rid of the matte effect so I just added some clear polish to the roses to add a little shine. I created around 3 roses in the corner of each nail but you can create more or less, in a variety of sizes, depending on your nail size.

The roses kind of look like pink blobs but my pathetic excuse is that these were the fifth set of nails that I painted within a few hours. I think the fumes may have got to my head a little!

That’s all for today, thanks for reading and check back for a new post soon!




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