OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 24 – fruit!

Hello! I’m back with my design for the fruit theme of OMD2!

Once again, my friend Ellie is my glamorous nail model for today! Thank you!


I decided to go with strawberry and watermelon nails for this theme. They are really simple and easy to create and perfect for some summer fruitiness! 😀

To create the strawberry nails, I painted a red base colour and then used a green striper to create the green part at the tip of the nail. I then used a toothpick to add the yellow seeds.

To create the watermelon nails, I applied a slightly more pink tone by Sally Hansen as my base colour and created a green French tip, outlined with a light pink striper and added black dots for the watermelon seeds. I also added some stripes with a different shade of green to the tip for extra detail.
You could mix and match the nails as I’ve done, or create matching nails. I’m also going to try some other fruity nails soon so watch this space!

Sorry for the brief posts! I have limited internet excess at the moment so I’m trying to produce as many posts as possible, keeping them short and sweet. Thanks for reading and check back soon for the next few final challenges of OMD2!



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