OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 22 – Feather

Hello! Today I’ll be showing you my entry for the feather challenge for OMD2! Today’s nail model is also one of my fab friends, Kesia ⭐ thank you also for helping out!

I would have loved to have used real feathers for this mani like in the ciate kit but I didn’t have any 😦 so I decided to use, you guessed it, my Barry M nail art pens! I’m a little obsessed with these pens as you may be able to tell!


I started by applying my base colour in the shade Stonewash by No7. It suddenly occurred to me that not everybody may know what No7 polish is as I’m not sure if it’s available in the US. It’s a brand of nail polish available exclusively to Boots stores. The polish retails at £6 for a normal polish or £7 for a special effect or hi-shine gel finish polish. This may seem a little expensive however, they are long lasting, good quality and cheaper than many other good quality brands such as OPI. I must admit though, I only ever purchase No7 polish when I have a boots £3 off No7 makeup voucher which are released by boots several times throughout the year. You definitely can’t complain when these polishes are only £3. They are too good to leave in the store. I’m surprised my local boots store hasn’t run out of no7 considering how often I buy them 😀

Anyway, as I was saying, I applied my base colour, followed my a coat of Barry M’s confetti polish. I thought this was the closest thing to feathery polish and it reminded my of the nails inc special effect polish that I reviewed earlier this month.

On my accent nail, I drew what I thought at the time looked like two feathers. I basically drew a curved line with my nail art pen, followed by a few more lines to make it actually look like a feather. Use your imagination. I then added a coat of my colour trend glitter polish, featured in my glitter placement post.

That’s all for today’s post! Thank you for reading! As always, click the little button below to see the other designs in this category!




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