OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 20 – Chevron

Hello! Today I will be showing you my chevron design! Although this seems like a very basic challenge, I actually got quite stuck for new ideas because I used a chevron accent nail in my dark nails so, I wanted to try and make them look as different as possible. This didn’t exactly go to plan but oh well, here they are.

I used my orly polish in the shade black vinyl as my base colour followed by my new No7 special effects polish in the shade disco ball which is a sort of holographic glitter polish. It’s very pretty and I just couldn’t leave it in the shop.
I cut out some zig zag chevron guides using decorative scissors and white sticky labels which you can buy from most craft/stationary stores. The good thing about cutting out your own guides is that you can create various sizes of the label, changing your mani each time.

I painted a layer of the black vinyl polish and let that completely dry. I then added the sticky labels on top and added two generous coats of the glitter polish. After this, I peeled off the stickers straight away and let it dry before applying a base coat.

I repeated this on a few nails and they on my smallest finger, added a small dot of the glitter polish on a black base and on my next finger, I painted a small black dot on a glitter base. Simples.

I must admit that I prefer my design for the dark challenge. The key to chevron nails is experimenting to find which colours work well and others, not so well. If I had a little more time, maybe they would look slightly better… That’s what you get for rushing nails.

That’s all for today! Click the cute little button below to see some fantastic design in this category by people who have taken a little more care! 😀 new post soooon! Thanks for reading!


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