OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 16 – glitter placement

Hello! Today I will be showing you my nail design for the glitter placement nail theme! A glitter placement nail technique is when you place individual pieces of glitter onto the nail from a glitter nail polish. I learnt that this requires a lot of patience!

glitter placement

At first, I planned on covering a whole nail in rows of glitter but it started to go wrong and I simply didn’t have the patience! XD  So I decided to stay simple and add a row of glitter on each nails and I must admit, I love them! Yes, you could still achieve the same effect by adding gems or studs but I think this looks just as pretty and studs and gems can sometimes look a little too overpowering.

colour trend

I used Avon’s colour trend silver glitter polish for this design. As I mentioned earlier, I used a toothpick to place on the little pieces of glitter individually. Although I didn’t really need an accent nail for this design, I painted one nail with three coats of the glitter polish.

I used my favourite Barry M Gelly polish as my base colour in the shade blueberry. I love this colour so much! It also has the perfect gel shine. 

glitter placement_ljmoo123

I also took this picture outside to try to capture the sparkle ⭐


I will definitely be trying this glitter placement technique again! I can’t wait to try it out with my other glitter polishes and different base colours! Glitter polishes are great for sunny summer days to add a touch of sparkle when your nails catch the sun!



Thanks for reading! That’s all for today’s challenge! I have also posted my abstract nails on my instagram page! Click my abstract entry picture below to go to my instagram profile!


Also, make sure you check out the other entries for this challenge by clicking the little button below! The work that has gone into these nails is amazing!


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