OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 14 – Funky French

Hello! Today I will be showing you my nail design for the ‘Funky French’ theme! As I said in yesterday’s post, it’s difficult to paint my own nails over and over again each day, although I enjoy it! So, I called on the help of my amazing friends so I could paint their nails. Today’s nail model is Zara! Thanks buddy 😉

funky french_ljmoo123

As you may know from my Liebster award facts and my Parisian nails , I am obsessed with all things related to the French language and Paris. Zara is just as much of a Paris and French lover as me so there really was no option other to incorporate this into the theme and design.

I really love a simple, plain french manicure but, this theme isn’t about a boring manicure, it has to be funky! Keeping this in mind, I had the perfect idea. I created a simple black french tip which became a base to a mini Eiffel Tower! This is a very basic yet effective manicure. Ooh la la.

funky french nailsOMD2_ljmoo123

I used the vanilla matte polish by Barry M as a base colour followed by my black Barry M nail art pen to add the accent nail. I simply outlined the tip of the nail and drew the little Eiffel Tower on top! 😉

This design is so cute and you can change the colours to match any outfit! You could even add the black tip to all of the other nails.

I also created another version using No7’s so simple polish which is a nude shimmer polish. The Eiffel Tower went a little wrong on these nails but I’ll post the photos anyway 😉

eiffel tower 3_ljmoo123

eiffel tower 2_ljmoo123

eiffel tower 4_ljmoo123



Thanks for reading! That’s all for today’s Funky French challenge! Check out my instagram page – @ljmoo123 – to see my duochrome day 6 OMD2 nail entry!


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