OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 13 – Ikat

Hello! I’m back after a very successful nail day! A big thank you to my amazing friends Zara, Holly, Aimee, Ellie and Kesia, for being my nail models for the day! It was getting a little difficult to paint my own nails each day so these girls were able to lend a hand! Literally. Lend their hands and nails.

I have skipped so many challenges this month (I’ve jumped from day 5 to 13!!) … but hopefully now, I can still post as many as possible! Be sure to follow me on instagram (@ljmoo123) where I may post some of my OMD2 entries if I don’t have time to write a full post and I also post past nail designs and some other random nail related photos!


Anyway, today I will be showing you my Ikat nail entry! When I first saw this theme, I had no idea what this was! But a Google search later and I found that Ikat is basically really pretty tribal-like patterns. I used my new special edition duck egg blue No7 polish as a base colour, my black nail art pen in the centre of the shape, followed by a gold shimmer polish from avon, No7 stonewash blue and another layer of my black Barry M nail art pen. I love this pattern as you just continue to build up the shapes with whatever colours you want!


I used the polish brushes, a striper and my nail art pen so this design is quite quick and easy to create! It doesn’t have to be perfect! I love this type of random design because there’s no right or wrong, you can just be creative. The design actually reminds me of a combination of tie-dye and a peacock feather. Quite an odd combination but that’s what I see.

I wasn’t too sure which order to apply the polish after the base colour, in order to build up the layers of the pattern, but it was a case of trial and error. I found that the best way was to add a little gold polish and I then used a striper with the blue stonewash polish around this. If you don’t have a striper, apply the stonewash blue polish, then the gold on top after it’s dry. I then created the black outline with my nail art pen and added a small black line in the centre. That sounds really confusing but in a nut shell, just build up the layers any way you want to! 😉

ikat 2_ljmoo123



Thanks for reading! More challenges to be posted soon! Click below to view the other designs in this category!


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