OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 5 – Dark

Surprise! Another post! As promised, I’m trying to catch up on the OMD2 challenge!

Now I’ll be showing my day 5 nails with the theme ‘Dark’. Once again, I had no idea what design to do but that’s the best thing about this challenge! It really enables you to think of new and random designs! I designed these nails a few days ago for an amazing party with my friends (a fab yacht trip! Thank you Ellie 😉 ) I wore a black and white dress so I thought I could design some nails to match the dress and also the dark theme.


I love these nails! Once again, I decided to use some nail studs with this design and I tried out a chevron zig-zag nail for the first time! I love chevron nails and they’re actually quite easy to do! I simply used some zig-zag decorative scissors and some sticky white labels to make guides, painted my nail black, added my sticker guide, painted a white coat of polish on top and peeled off the sticker! I was then left with a zig zag nail! And the best part is, you can make lots of different size guides and use all sorts of colours!


I painted all of my other nails with my Orly Black polish and added two gold studs. I then used my favourite rimmel ‘precious stones’ polish which is full of grey and silver glitter to add a bit of sparkle!

Again, this is a very basic yet effective design! It’s very easy to create and it didn’t take too long! Be sure to wear a base coat however, as black nail polish can stain.

That’s actually all for today despite what I said in my last post! I’m having a nail day very soon to make sure that I can do as many more themes as possible! Remember, it’s not too late if you want to join in with the OMD2 nail painting fun!



Thanks for reading! More challenges to be posted soon! Once again click below to view the other designs in this category!


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