OMD2 July Nail Challenge! Day 4 – Bright

Hello! I’m back and ready to try to catch up on the OMD2 challenge! Today I’ll be posting my day 4 nails with the theme ‘bright’! I was going to do lavender but I was having a bit of a creative block for a design and every time I tried to do a lavender mani, it went wrong. So I decided against the lavender theme. I may come back to it at the end though!

So anyway, as I said, I am doing the bright theme today. As soon as I saw the word ‘bright’ I instantly thought NEON. I recently found a discounted nail polish shop at an outlet shopping centre. It was like nail polish heaven. Loads of amazing nail art brands, at reasonable prices. I must have spent a good hour in that store. I picked up a neon orange nail polish by the W7 brand. I’ve never actually tried a polish from this brand before but I was quite impressed! 🙂


This was a very random design, I didn’t really have a plan but all I kept thinking was BRIGHT! I decided to use my new No7 pastel yellow polish in the shade Lemon Drop. I have to admit that I’m not really keen on the colour yellow however, I like to use it for nail art now and again. I used a ‘no water water marble’ technique on my thumb. That sounds very confusing but it’s basically creating a water marble look without the use of water! It’s very simple to create. I started by painting my thumb with the neon orange colour and while it was still wet, I added spots of the yellow polish and mixed them in with the neon colour with a toothpick. I really love this look! It’s a great alternative to a normal water marble technique because it’s not very messy.

bright 3_ljmoo123

I then created an accent nail with another technique. I was inspired by the dry brush nail technique which is quite popular lately. I used a thin striper brush dipped into the lemon yellow colour but wiped off the excess polish. I then created random strokes of polish all over the nail!

I finished off this design by adding small gold studs on these nails. I’ve been using these a lot lately, they are basic but add a nice effect to plain or accent nails. I purchased a wheel of nail decorations from primark for just £1. They include star-shaped studs, round studs, gems of different sized and little nail beads! I was very pleased with this purchase! I seem to have a lot of luck with buying nail accessories from random clothes stores! 🙂 Just like how I purchased my striping tape from newlook. It just goes to show that you really do find the best deals in the most random stores.

bright 2 _ljmoo123



Thanks for reading! More challenges to be posted soon! Click below to view the other designs in this category!


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