Nails inc. June polish!

Firstly, apologies that this review is a month late… what can I say, exams and the (now non-existent!) sunshine is to blame. Today I will finally be showing you the June polish from my Nails inc. polish diary! June’s polish is called Chester. Chester is a feather effect polish, similar to Barry M’s confetti polishes which contains little pieces of peach, yellow and teal strands. This polish is really pretty and can be used as a topcoat and combined with all sorts of base colours. I did try out the polish on its own on my thumb, without a base colour. However, even after about three/four coats, it still didn’t look quite right.

june nails inc polish_ljmoo123

june nails inc_ljmoo123

I used a Barry M polish in the shade Mint Green as my base colour as I thought the mint/blue colours in the polish would match. This topcoat is probably better with pastel colours although it’s all down to experimenting. I just added two coats of the nails inc. feathers. 

The polish is quite easy to apply although I think that over time, it will get much thicker like other feather effect polishes. I have no idea why, they just go quite gloopy, probably due to the coloured strands. I added a topcoat to smooth the polish out a little as it is very textured although I quite like textured effect nails.

Even though it has nothing to do with the polish itself, I love the bottle design! The lid is so pretty! 😀 This really is a brilliant choice of polish for June from Nails inc. It just seems to have quite a summery feel to it 🙂 I’ll probably continue to use it throughout the year though if I feel that my nails need a little bit of brightness!

As mentioned, the nails inc. feathers polish is pretty similar to Barry M’s confetti polish. Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference in terms of quality… The major different is the price! Barry M retails at just £3.99 whereas I’m pretty sure the nails inc. polishes were full price at £12! There are currently two other shades of the nails inc. feathers polishes on sale right now though at just £5! So if you do want to splash the cash a little rather than opting for Barry M’s confetti polish, head on over to the nails inc website!

That’s all from me for today! I’m quite behind on the OMD2 nails challenge but I will catch up!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Nails inc. June polish!

    • Same here, I normally put on the Barry M confetti in the morning and fall in love with it but then by the afternoon, I’m not really keen on it any more haha! I think it’s just because they are very unique polishes. The colour combinations available are brilliant though!

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