Gradient Nails


Apologies for the lack of posts 😦 As I said in my ‘facts about me’ Liebster award post, I am currently studying for my GCSEs and I’ve been sitting exams so I haven’t been doing a lot of nail painting or posting 😦

I have had a break this week though so I have some brand new nails to share! I really love the colour combination of these nails and they are perfect for the summer! I created these gradient nails using the polishes from my Nails inc. diary. I used the April coral polish – Sloane Avenue and I actually cheated and couldn’t resist using the July polish! I will be doing a review in July, as usual, for this amazing neon pink polish. I thought that these two colours would look perfect together as a gradient though.

gradient nails2_ljmoo123Gradient nails are simple, but a little messy to create. I love experimenting with polishes to produce colour fading nail. You can use pretty much any colour. Some combinations are better than others but it’s all down to experimenting. 

As I said, gradient nails are easy to create, all you need is a make-up sponge (or any other sponge) and some nails polish!

To create these gradient nails, follow these steps:

Step 1– Apply a base coat to your nails. When dry, add a base colour. I used my White Models own HyperGel polish to allow the neon colours to stand out.

Step 2– Ensure that the base colour is completely dry. I added a fast drying top coat to speed up the drying process. 

Step 3– Use two colours – I used Sloane Avenue (coral) and Notting Hill Gate (neon pink) – and apply each colour to a small make-up sponge. Ensure that the colours overlap a little.

gradient sponge_ljmoo123

Step 4– While the polish on the sponge is still wet, roll the sponge over the nail to transfer the polish. Repeat to give a more vibrant finish.

Step 5– Apply a top coat quickly to blend the colours together. If you have a top coat that always smudges and ruins your nail art, now is the time to put it to good use! Top coats that normally smudge nail designs are good for this as the polish is blended well. There really is a use for every type of nail polish!

Step 6– Use cotton buds and nail polish remover to clean up the polish around the nail and remove any excess polish.

That’s it! If you don’t want to get much polish around your nail, you could tape around your nails first to reduce the clean up process.

gradient nails 3_ljmoo123

I hope that you found this post helpful. I have also tried gradient nails with glitter polishes which works well. As I said, experimenting is the key to this technique.

New post soon I hope! Thanks for reading! 😀



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