Nails inc. May polish!

Hello! New Post time!

Today I will be showing you the May polish from my Nails inc. polish diary! This month’s diary trend is a new type of polish by Nail’s inc which is inspired by cupcake sprinkles. The polish is called ‘Fulham Palace Gardens’.  It’s a pink polish with large hundreds and thousand type multicoloured sprinkles.

I have been very impressed with every single polish from this diary so far although, I think it’s fair to say that this polish really disappointed me 😦 I think that there is too much glitter and too many colours that clash with the pink. I would only ever wear this polish as an accent nail because it’s quite cluttered and the pink is quite bright.

I found the polish a little difficult to apply as it was very thick due to the glitter. I used a thin layer of white polish on the base because the pink Nails inc. polish isn’t very opaque.

Nails inc May_ljmoo123
It’s quite lumpy, even after a top coat and I didn’t really like the texture. Maybe if I took a little more time the polish would look a bit better… I don’t think I would wear this polish on all of my nails again but as I said, an accent nail may not look as bad if combined with the correct colours.

I can’t believe it’s May already and this is the 5th Nails inc. polish from my diary. You can see the previous polishes by clicking on one of the links below.

January –  Kensington Caviar top coat 
February – St Martin’s Lane 
March –  Baker Street 
April – Sloane Avenue 

Finally, I’d just like to say a huge thank as I reached 2000 hits! Thank you to all of my friends and family who have helped me to reach this point and to all of my followers and readers! I really enjoy blogging and it’s allowed me to collaborate and discover so many amazing nail and beauty blogs!

I hope to bring a new blog post soon and roll on summer for the ultimate nail blogging season where I’ll be doing as many reviews and designs as possible!

Thanks for reading 😀


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