Easter Nails – Easter Chick

Today I will be providing step by step details on the Easter chick nail! I was a little disappointed because the egg shell outline is a little thick but it’s still quite cute.

Easter nails_ljmoo123

Refer to the design on my thumb nail below while creating the design for more details.
easter nails2_ljmoo123To create the cute little Easter chick and its broken shell, you will need a yellow polish, a white polish and a white striper, black nail art pen and an orange polish.

To create this design, follow these simple steps.

Step 1-  Apply a base coat and two coats of a bright or pastel yellow polish.

Step 2- Create a zig zag shape with a white striper at the bottom of the nail. Fill in the shape with white polish.

Step 3- Use either a black nail art pen or a black striper to outline the egg shell if you wish. A thin line is probably best, my outline in the picture is a little too thick.

Step 4- Again, using the black nail art pen, create two little dots for the eyes. Also, create little lines at the tip for little bits of hair on the chick’s head.

Step 5- Use a very small amount of white polish a toothpick to create little white dots inside the eyes.

Step 6- Use a toothpick and a little orange polish to create a cute little beak for the chick.

Design complete! Add a top coat and this little chick is done!

Come back soon to learn how to create the fluffy velvet nail!


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