Easter Nails!

Unfortunately, I have been too busy to post for the past two days 😦 but now I’m back and ready to provide details on how you can create even more Easter nails!

Easter nails_ljmoo123

Today I will be focusing on the mini egg design (smallest finger) and the aztec Easter egg design (pastel blue nail next to thumb). These are both a lot easier than the creme egg design that I talked about on Monday.
easter nails2_ljmoo123

Mini Egg

Like the creme egg design, I actually produced the mini egg design last year but I decided to give it another go. Although mini eggs come in a variety of colours, I think that pastel yellow is probably my favourite as I used this last year. I did actually get rid of my pastel yellow polish because the oil kept separating from the polish and yellow is probably my least favourite colour so I didn’t use it much. So, I decided to create a pink mini egg! You can use almost any colour, as long as it’s pastel! Simple! My design went a little bit wrong because I put a bit too much white polish on top. Here are the steps to this design:

Step 1- Apply a base coat and your chosen base colour. Pastel colours are best, take a look at some mini egg chocolates for the perfect colours.

Step 2- Using a toothpick and some brown polish or acrylic paint, make small dots, a few circles and random marks.

Step 3- Use a makeup sponge and some white acrylic paint or polish. Put a small drop of white paint on a palette and add a very small amount to the sponge. Dab it on some paper a few times. Gently press it over the nail to create the sugar dusted mini egg look.

Step 4- Apply a matte top coat to remove the shine and you’re done!

If you want to see an amazing tutorial for mini egg nails, take a look at my inspiration by 10 Blank Canvases here.

Easter Aztec Nails

I made this design up as I went along- something which I don’t always do. All that I used was a white striper, dotting tool and a blue base colour. I tried to create a basic pattern on a pastel background to represent a decorated Egg. The opportunities are endless with this design. You can create random lines, dots and zigzags. To create straight lines, rotate the nail rather than move the brush for more control.

Step 1- Apply a base coat and a base colour. Allow to dry.

Step 2- Using a white striper, paint various Aztec inspired details. I created two lines at the tip of the nail and filled them in with small diagonal lines to create a zig-zag shape. I then created a line of dots with my dotting tool and some white HyperGel polish. After another line, I created a filled in rectangle and then added some blue dots on top to make it look like they had been cut out of the white block.

Step 3- Add a top coat and you are done! I used a gloss top coat this time, although you could use matte if you wanted.

More Easter tips on the way soon! I also have a post which is a little different to share with you soon so stay tuned!


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