Nails inc. April polish!

Hello! I’m back at last with a new review!

Today I will be showing you the April polish from my amazing Nails inc. polish diary! This month’s polish is one of my favourite nails inc. polishes from my diary. It’s a neon coral polish which is perfect for adding a bit of brightness to the spring. I also can’t wait to wear this polish in the summer as it has a high gloss and it’s so bright! Just looking at my nails while wearing this shade actually makes me feel like the summer is already here 🙂 The polish is called ‘Sloane Avenue’. According the back of the diary, it’s a brand new colour by nails inc.

I’ve been looking for a bright coral polish for a while but, I haven’t been able to find the really bright and glossy effect that I wanted. When I opened up my diary, I was pleasantly surprised to find my dream nail polish!

Sloane Avenue

Sloane Avenue

I applied two coats of the polish as I find that nails inc. polishes are quite thin. I didn’t add a top coat but it still has a fantastic shine and reminds me of a gel polish look.  I don’t really like the Nails inc. polish brushes or the formula, as I said, the polish is quite thin which makes it hard to control. I’m getting used to using nails inc. polish however, I add very thin coats to try to create the best look.

Although I really love this polish and I would wear it without any extra effects, I couldn’t resist trying my graffiti polish one more time. I love my graffiti top coat but, I think it’s fair to say it looks best with galaxy nail art. If the polish didn’t include the large hexagon pieces then maybe it wouldn’t look so bad. I’m finding it difficult to apply this polish now because as I’ve used it, it has become a lot thicker. I tried to replicate the new models own speckled egg polish collection but, I think pastel colours and a finer graffiti polish would be more effective.

graffiti nails inc_ljmoo123

 I would actually recommend this coral polish. Nails inc. polishes do come at a cost of £11. As I said, this is the fourth polish in the nails inc. diary collection although, I can’t seem to find this individual polish available online on the nails inc. polish website. In my opinion, the £30 diary (worth £138) is very good value and is sure to keep a nail polish lover like me very happy for at least whole year.

Nail polish Diary_ljmoo123

That’s all for today’s post! I’m hoping to get back into the blogging routine from now until the next exam season and I’m looking forward to showing you some Easter nail art designs very soon!


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