Paris design!


This week I am soooo pleased to be able to show you this brand new design! This design is inspired by one of my favourite things- Paris! Anybody who knows me will know that I am obsessed with this amazing city. My fascination started with Paris when I started GCSE French. Since then, I’ve fallen for the French language, culture and it’s beautiful capital city. I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest for a while now, looking for all sorts of French inspiration. I’ve decided to create a nail design based mainly on the Eiffel Tower and also my favourite French quote- ‘c’est la vie!’ meaning ‘such is life’ or ‘that’s life’.

I was inspired by two other nail artists for my final design. You can watch this tutorial by Simple nail art design on YouTube to see how to create a basic Eiffel tower shape. For the more free hand design and stripes, take a look at this blog I found, by Kelsie, which features even more inspiration.

French nails_ljmoo123

I really like this design. It’s perfect for a France lover like me or if you are even visiting Paris, you can match your nails with the architecture! 😉

To create this design, I used just a few items: base coat, Barry M’s new matte Nude Vanilla polish, Barry M black nail art pen, a white nail art striper from claire’s and my Rimmel London matte topcoat.

Follow these simple steps to have nails that will make you say ‘Ooh La la!’.

Step 1– Apply a base coat to protect the natural nail.

Step 2– Use a polish of your choice for your base colour. I used Nude Vanilla by Barry M which is a matte coffee colour.

Step 3– On your smallest finger and thumb, create vertical stripes down the nail using a striper brush. Move the nail rather than the pen to create smooth lines.

Step 4– On your fourth finger (next to your little finger) create the black silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. I used my Barry M nail art pen to do this. First, create a small vertical line at the top of the nail, it should cover around a third of your nail. Begin to split this line into a triangle or upside down ‘V’ shape, to create the bottom on the tower. Draw small feet on the bottom of this upside down V shape. Create three horizontal lines on the tower- one 3/4 the way down the nail, another half way down the tower and the final line just below the tip of the nail. This all sounds a little confusing but refer to the picture for more detail.

Step 5– On the middle finger, create the ‘hand drawn’ look Eiffel Tower. This one is quite hard describe so take a look at the image above or below. Basically, you need to draw a small arch at the bottom of the nail, a few horizontal lines above this and then two slightly curved vertical lines for the top of the tower. Continue to make a few more horizontal lines at the top of the tower. This should look like a doodle of the Eiffel Tower so relax and don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

Step 6– On your remaining finger (next to thumb) I chose to write a quote. You could change the quote if you wanted to, but I really like ‘c’est la vie’ 🙂 My letters are a little distorted because I managed to smudge my nail 😦 I added a random little heart shape next to the quote too.

Step 7– You could add a normal top coat but I love this design with a matte finish. I used my fab Rimmel Matte topcoat to do this.

 Voilà! The design is finished!

rimmel eiffel towel_ljmoo123

Like I said, it’s easier to refer back to the image because it’s true what they say, pictures really can speak louder than words. Maybe one day I’ll have to dive into the world of YouTube in order to show a clearer break down of stages… One online step at a time for now though 🙂

I hope to show you a new design soon and also stay tuned for a brand new page on nail care and all sorts of tips for healthy hands!

The Born Pretty Discount is still on! Use LMX31 at the checkout for a 10% discount! Finally for today, you can now follow me on Bloglovin’ , see the side bar or my previous post for a link 🙂

Au Revoir…


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