Nails inc. March polish!

Hello! I’m back at last!

Today I will be showing you the March polish from my amazing Nails inc. polish diary! This month’s polish is one of Nails inc’s bestselling polishes. The polish is called ‘Baker Street’ and it’s a very vibrant, in-your-face cobalt blue colour.

I don’t think I would really go out and buy this polish again but I think it’s a good choice if you want to make a strong impact with your nails and a basic outfit. I think it would also work really well with a UK flag design as it’s the perfect colour so I may try that out soon!

Baker Street_ljmoo123I applied two coats of the polish and didn’t add a top coat but it still has a fantastic shine. I don’t really like the Nails inc. polish brushes but the application wasn’t so bad this time. The polish was almost opaque after one coat but I added two for the extra depth.

I decided to add some alternative top coats to this polish to experiment with different effects. Overall, I think I just prefer the polish on its own but I’m glad I experimented with the different results that could be achieved.

Baker Street2_ljmoo123Starting from my first nail (top) I used two coats of Barry M confetti polish. I’m not a huge fan of this polish but I use it from time to time. The second polish is my seventeen graffiti polish. I love this polish and I use it with a number of base colours. This is the topcoat that I used when I created my Galaxy nails. The next nail is my Avon opal polish. As I’ve mentioned several times, I prefer using this top coat with deep colours. This blue is a bit too bright for the opal coat. My favourite top coat is the Rimmel Matte finish polish on my little finger. I really like the matte finish of the polish and if I was to wear the blue again, I would add the matte finish.

That’s all for today! I will be appearing on another blog and guest posting on Friday on so check back for the link! 🙂




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