Models Own HyperGel review


Today I will be reviewing my new Models Own HyperGel polish in the shade ‘White Light’. As I said in my previous post, I purchased this polish from Boots as part of a three for two deal (I also bought two nail art pens). I needed to replace my OPI Alpine Snow (which I love!) so I was expecting big things from this polish. White is probably my most used nail colour as I use it as a base colour for many designs. I was a little disappointed with the HyperGel, however, I would expect the quality of a £12 OPI and a £5 models own polish to differ.

I have never used a polish from brand before so I took quite a big leap into the Models Own chain. I got quite excited when I saw these polishes advertised all over social media sites as I’ve wanted to try gel polish for a while. I don’t really like the idea of using a UV or LED lamp although I’m sure it’s quite safe. Also, if I used Gel polish, which lasts up to two weeks, I wouldn’t have any blog content 🙂 Anyway, that’s why I jumped at the opportunity of these polishes.

models own hypergel_ljmoo123

Chip resistance

Just because they have the name ‘Gel’ in the polish name or because models own refer to the HyperGels as ‘Gel polish with out the UV lamp’, don’t put all of your faith in the polish … My manicure only lasted for about three days before chipping- hardly gel standard. I think this was mainly due to the thickness of the polish. When a polish is thick, it is more likely to peel or chip and that’s exactly what happened to my manicure 😦 It’s quite difficult to apply a thin coat but practice makes perfect!


I was a tiny bit disappointed with the brush and the thickness of the formula. After one coat, I couldn’t leave my nails looking like they did. The polish was quite patchy and hard to apply. The second coat was a little easier to apply and it evened out eventually.

Colour and shine

Although I have been pretty negative so far, this polish isn’t all bad. It may not have the gel lasting effect but it really does have a gel worthy shine. ‘White Light’ is the perfect name- it does what it says on the tin- or bottle in this case 😉 It may sound silly but the white really is white. Sometimes white polishes are a little off colour but this is the perfect shade. Like I said it has a fantastic shine and combined with the pure colour, it’s a winning combination.

As I said in my previous post, I wouldn’t rush out to buy this polish again but if there was another offer, I may try out some of the other colours. At £5, models own polishes are a little better than a budget polish but understandably, not the same quality as OPI.

I hope to bring some new designs soon as many of you voted for this on my poll in the side bar. If you haven’t voted, you can still vote now! Also, I will be writing a guest blog post in a few weeks time on another blog so I’ll be posting the link very soon! Very Exciting. 

As always you can leave a comment or use my contact page if you have any requests! 


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