Stamping Plates

Hello I’m back!
It’s been a while since my last blog post, again due to all sorts of activities and homework. Also due my battle with foreign spam robots which seem to be loving my blog lately… Thanks…

Anyway! Today I will be showing you how to use stamping plates and reviewing my bundle monster plates and my Konad plate. I’ve had these for quite a while now after I debated for months whether to buy them or not. Firstly I will go through the basics of stamping plates.

What is a stamping plate?
A stamping plate is a metal plate with designs and patterns engraved into it. They are used to transfer patterns onto the nail.

What type of designs are included on stamping plates?
There are literally hundreds of different plates that you can purchase from many different brands, each with different designs. There are three main types of designs: full nail designs, small images and French tip designs. They can be used alone or even combined!

What do you need to use them?
You just need a plate, a nail polish, scraper or old loyalty card and a stamper. All can be bought online from stores such as amazon.

you will need_ljmoo123

Can you use any polish?
Yes, but some polishes are better than others. Konad have a range of stamping polishes which are specifically designed for stamping as they are thicker and more pigmented than regular polishes. They are however, quite expensive. Another option is to use old polishes which are a little gloopy and thick- these work just as well as the Konad polishes. Some polishes are a bit too thin to use and don’t work well but it’s a case of trial and error.

How do you use stamping plates?
There are quite easy to use but it takes some experimenting and practice first. Follow these steps to stamp:
Step 1- apply a base colour to the nail and you must ensure that it is completely dry.
Step 2- ensure that the plate is clean and apply a nail polish onto your chosen design. You don’t need too much polish, just enough to cover the whole design.
Step 3- use a scraper or use an old loyalty/credit card like I use. Quickly scrape the card over the design to remove excess polish.
Step 4- ensure that you work quickly so that the design doesn’t dry. Use the stamper and press it onto the design to pick up the polish.
Step 5- gently press and roll the stamper over the nail to transfer the design onto the nails.
Step 6- that’s all! Just apply a top coat to protect the design.


So like I mentioned earlier, I have both a selection of bundle monster plates and a single Konad plate. I must admit that I actually use my one and only Konad plate more than all of my bundle monster plates put together these days. I do like the designs on the bundle monster plates but they’re not really big enough to cover the whole nail whereas the Konad plate designs do in just one stamp. Also I think that the Konad plates are slightly deeper and just allow you to produce a more crisp design. The major disadvantage of Konad plates however is the cost. A Konad plate is usually around £6 on Amazon but you can get a pack of 25 bundle monster plates for under £20… I think I have the older plates so maybe bundle monster have improved their plates now but, I don’t think I would benefit from buying the new pack because I don’t use them too much. I prefer to practice my free hand skills and brand new techniques instead!

If you want to see a final result of these stamping plates, take a look at my previous February polish nails inc post!

That is all for today, more design, reviews and all things nail related soon!


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