February nails inc. polish!

Long time no post! But today I am back with a bang! 🙂

In a previous post I showed you the nails inc polish diary which I received for Christmas which is absolutely amazing! I love it. It features a different polish for each month, some polishes are brand new, others are the latest effects such as feather or leather nails. With February now here, it is time to reveal the February Polish! I really like this colour. It’s called St Martin’s lane. It’s a brand new on trend colour for this month with it’s deep grape purple colour with an amazing gloss.

It’s difficult to appreciate the colour in the images below, in different light, the hue ranges from purple to deep red. I added a coat of my Seche Vite polish for an extra shine. I wasn’t sure about this top coat at first, but now I think it really is amazing and I understand why people recommend using it. What more can a nail lover want than a mani with extra shine and chip free work?! Not a lot to be honest.

Nails inc. February_ljmoo123

This is the perfect February colour for warming up winter or even Valentines day. The consistency of the polish is very good and I actually really like the brush.

As a nail artist, I couldn’t just leave my nails plain! Instead I used a Konad Plate to add a little detail. I used plate m57 which is the only Konad plate which I own. I do however have a bundle monster collection of plates but they really aren’t as good as konad as the designs are much smaller. From this plate, I used the zebra print pattern and the small flowers with a silver polish from next. You don’t have to purchase the special (and expensive) Konad polishes, gloopy polishes work quite well. I will be doing a detailed Konad plate post soon including how you use them so stay tuned and let me know if you want to see this soon.

stamped_ljmoo123Stamping plates are so easy to create a quick manicure with an effective design. It’s a very quick process but it can get a little messy, you just have to clean the plates as you go along.

That’s all for today! More posts soon 🙂



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