Battle of the Top Coats!

I’m back!

Today I will be providing you with an overview of all of the top coat reviews which I have been posting over the past week or two. I have decided not to do a full post on my final ‘top coat’ by Collection because I felt that this wouldn’t be fair. Basically, I purchased this polish by mistake. I thought it was a top coat but in fact, it was just a clear polish… silly me for not reading the label. I did try using this as a top coat but it chipped and smudged my design, as expected considering that it isn’t actually supposed to be used as a top coat. So that is why I decided not to fully review it. It does have a nice shine so if you want a clear polish, it’s a very good polish to buy due to a low price and it has a brilliant brush!

Onto the overview… 🙂 Here are all of the scores and comments of the 4 polishes which I have reviewed in full. Click the name of the polish to view the full review.

Sally Hansen Acrylic No chip top coat:

Does it chip easily? Yes, very easily within a few hours
Brush quality: 7/10
Easiness of application: 7/10
Recommend purchasing it? NO NO NO!

Overall score: 3/10

Sally Hansen Double Duty 

Does it chip easily? No, extends the life of polish quite well
Brush quality: 7/10
Easiness of application: 7/10
Recommend purchasing it? Yes, great value.

Overall score: 9/10

Seche Vite Professional Top Coat

Does it chip easily? Nope, no chipping after three days so far.
Brush quality: 6/10
Easiness of application: 8/10
Recommend purchasing it? Yes, great value for the quality.

Overall score: 8/10

nails inc. Kensington caviar top coat

Does it chip easily? Yes, quite easily 😦
Brush quality: 9/10
Easiness of application: 8/10
Recommend purchasing it? Not really, quite expensive considering the chipping.
Overall score: 6/10

And that’s it! So by looking at the overall scores and considering all of the factors, the winner is… *drum roll* … SALLY HANSEN DOUBLE DUTY 🙂

I must say that Seche Vite comes very close, I tried it out again on my latest design and I am quite impressed. I still think that the double duty polish is just brilliant because not only is it a really good top coat, it’s also an impressive base coat which is amazing value for money!

I hope to post new content very soon! Put your feet up, relax and paint those nails! Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Top Coats!

    • I haven’t actually tried the Barry M one although I may think about buying it! Thanks for the recommendation! I recently received a Leighton Denny top coat so I may review that too once I’ve tried it out! Ah, as for the Sally Hansen, I don’t normally have many complaints about any nail polish, but, after trying to use it in different ways, over and over again, I just reached the conclusion that the no chip top coat does a really bad job! Happy to help! I use seche vite for most of my designs now. Thanks also for the like and follow 🙂

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