Detailed black and pink design

I’m back! Now I will be showing you a brand new design which is inspired by an image I found in Pinterest. The design was by @ra_dina, I can’t find a link to any of their pages but that’s the username if you want to look it up.

Anyway, I really love this design, it does take quite a bit of time but it’s worth it. I really like the detail to three of the nails and then just a block colour on the other two nails of the hand. You could even paint the detailed design on every nail, it’s up to you! Instead of painting the half moon shape from my cuticle like in the original design, I added my own twist and painted at the top of my nail. I found that it was easier this way.
20140123-091503 pm.jpg

If you want to try out this design, follow these steps!

Step 1- apply a base coat

Step 2- apply the base colours. Paint your pinky and first finger a coral colour or a pink colour. I used a neon pink by flormar, a brand which I love but is not available in the UK… To the other nails, apply a white colour for the base. I used my usual white- alpine snow by OPI

Step 3- using a black polish, paint a half moon shape at the tip of the nail. Take a dotting tool and the same black polish and add 4 dots at the tip of this semi-circle shape.

Step 4- paint a thin, curved line in the middle of this semi-circle. Use the matching colour to the other nails, in my case pink.

Step 5- use a striper or nail art pen in black to paint an even thinner curved line in the middle of the pink line. Add tiny dots on top of this.

Step 6- add more tiny dots but in white, above the black tiny dots you just made. Confusing I know.

Step 7- use a dotting tool to add pink dots inside of the black dots that you made earlier in step 3 as the black dots should be dry by now.

Step 8- add more black dots using a dotting tool, below the design. Use a toothpick or small dotting tool to add a border of small dots around the main design.

Step 9- apply a topcoat and you are done 🙂

Those instruction were a little confusing but if you can keep looking at the picture then it’s not so bad. It’s quite difficult to explain a design like this because it sounds more complicated than what it really is. I like to break it up into steps so it is more manageable and doesn’t seem like an impossible mission.

That’s all for now. New post soon I’m sure…


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