Cath Kidson nails

    Today I will be taking a little break from the reviewing and I will be giving you step-by-step details on how to create this really simple Cath Kidson inspired mani design!

    As you can see in the picture below, I have used one of my favourite pastel blue polishes ever! It’s by No7 in the shade Minty Fresh. I’m on my second bottle of this polish and this was actually one of my very first no7 polishes! Very cute.
    20140118-024857 pm.jpg

    To create this design you don’t have to use blue but pastel colours do work best as this is a common feature to the Cath Kidson brand image.

    I used: minty fresh by No7, ME! ME! ME!, also by No7, my barry m white nail art pen and a green striper ( a green nail art pen would be useful but I don’t have one…).

    I create this design quite a lot, mostly because it’s so easy and makes my nails look all pretty and delicate 🙂

    Here are the steps to follow:
    Step 1– apply a base coat or nail hardener to the nail to protect it and avoid staining.

    Step 2– apply a base colour. I like using pastel colours like I said.

    Step 3– use a dotting tool or dotting tool alternative (see how you can make your own in a previous post) to add random pink dots over the nail. This is where I used my ME! ME! ME! No7 polish, quite an appropriate name because it does scream LOOK AT MEEEE! due to it’s deep pink colour.

    Step 4– make sure the pink dots are dry and take your nail art pen in white. You could also use a striper or a toothpick and white polish. Make little ‘c’ shaped lines in the centre of the circles and around the edge to create the rose effect.

    Step 5– take a green striper or green polish and toothpick. Push the tip of the striper onto the nail next to a few of the roses to create little leaves.

    Step 6– use the white nail art pen again to fill in any gaps with a little white dot. I don’t really stick to a pattern, I just put spots of polish in empty parts of the nail.

    Step 7– apply a top coat and you are done!

    Here is a picture of this design in my friend’s nails that I created. I created an accent nail with a white version of the design. I used a white base colour and instead off adding white detail to the roses, I used a metallic red striper.

    20140118-024904 pm.jpg

    That’s all for today! New reviews on Nails Inc. and collection soon!


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