Review- Seche Vite Professional Top Coat

Today I will be reviewing my Seche Vite top coat! Unfortunately like I said in a previous post, my exams are winning and blogging is being pushed back a little 😦 so sad… But only one more week to go!! 😀

seche vite (ljmoo123)

I used my seche vite topcoat for the first time  and I was expecting to be blown away by it. I was certainly blown away but by the smell of the formula. I know that all nail polishes smells due to various chemicals but this is a new extreme. I would definitely recommend opening a window or door near by. You should always ensure that there is good ventilation in the room while painting nails anyway, but trust me on this one. It’s bad.
I purchased this polish because some of the best nail artists rave about it. After three days of wear, there are no signs of chipping at all and I still have a really good shine. I can’t wait to try this out a few more times though.
The brush is the only real let down (also the smell is a but of a disappointment but I can live with it). I just feel that the brush is a bit pathetic and poor quality. This does kind of effect the easiness of application but because the formula is so thin, it makes it a bit better.
Now in the image above, you may be able to see that my design was smudged a little. I think this may be due to my impatience at the time because when I painted my other hand with this topcoat, it didn’t smudge the design at all.

Does it chip easily? Nope, no chipping after three days so far.
Brush quality: 6/10
Easiness of application: 8/10
Recommend purchasing it? Yes, great value for the quality.

Overall score: 8/10

New post soon on my Nails inc. top coat!


2 thoughts on “Review- Seche Vite Professional Top Coat

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