Review- Sally Hansen double duty

Today I will be reviewing my Sally Hansen double duty polish. The quality of Sally Hansen’s products really go from one extreme to the other as can be seen by looking at this review and my previous post on Sally Hansen’s no chip top coat.

20140113-070404 pm.jpg
I really love this polish. I have used almost the whole bottle now so it has become quite gloopy which is expected, but at the start, it was very easy to apply. Again like the previous Sally Hansen product, there is quite a good brush but I would prefer it if it was a little wider.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m towards the end of the bottle but I did find that my design was left with bubbles on the surface. If applied thinly (quite impossible for me due to the thickness of it as it’s quite old) then bubbles can be avoided. I actually quite like a bubbly look sometimes but my manis are much better without it. As you can probably tell by the name ‘double duty’, this top coat is also a base coat! This is really good value for money and if you are travelling, it saves you taking separate polishes.
The biggest factor of all- this has a very good chip resistance. It does extend the life of my designs and doesn’t smudge them which is brilliant.

Does it chip easily? No, extends the life of polish quite well
Brush quality: 7/10
Easiness of application: 7/10
Would I buy it again? Yes, great value.

Overall score: 9/10

That’s all for today. Next I will be reviewing my brand new Seche Vite top coat so comeback soon!


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