Countdown to Christmas: Day 23

It’s Christmas eve eve and time to learn how to create the buddy the elf logo nail.

elf_ljmoo123To create this design which I combined with my previous elf nails, you will need:

  • Pastel blue polish
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Black nail art pen
  • White nail art pen

Step 1- Paint the base of the nail pastel blue

Step 2- Use a nail art brush and slightly watered down green acrylic paint to paint the letter. Take your time and don’t worry if the letter shapes are a little wrong, they can be fixed in the next step

Step 3- Use the black nail art pen to add an outline to the letters. This is a good opportunity to correct the letter shapes if you have made a mistake

Step 4- Use the white nail art pen to add some snowflakes above the letters

Apply a top coat and this design is complete!

Tonight I may just recreate my Nordic nails again and try to improve my last design which you can see here. I shall let you know my results if I go ahead with my plan…


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