Countdown to Christmas: Day 22

Welcome back to Countdown to Christmas! Today I will be telling you how you can create the Buddy elf nail and the Jovie elf that I revealed the day before yesterday. Yesterday I was out celebrating Christmas with my very own elf buddies so I will be revealing two designs today as I missed day 21’s post. elf and jovie_ljmoo123

The Buddy elf was inspired by @nailstorming’s design but I made up the Jovie nail myself based on the film.

To create the Buddy nail, you will need:

  • A green base polish (I used meadow green by Barry M, it’s a very vibrant green)
  • White acrylic paint or polish
  • Black acrylic paint or polish or nail art pen
  • Dark green polish
  • Gold or silver polish for the buckle
  • Yellow polish

Step 1- Apply a base coat and paint the nail green.

Step 2- Paint the tip of the nail white. Make quite a thick line with a bit of a dip in the middle for a collar shape. See the picture above for the shape.

Step 3– Outline this tip in black, I used my nail art pen to do this.

Step 4– Paint a black vertical stripe down the middle of the nail. At the bottom of this line, paint a horizontal line for the black belt.

Step 5– Paint a dark green stripe in the centre of the vertical black line. Use a yellow polish to paint little dots either side of the line.

Step 6– Paint a gold belt buckle on the belt at the bottom of the nail with a striper.

That is it for Buddy! Now onto Jovie elf! To create her elf look, you will need:

  • A pastel pink polish
  • White acrylic paint
  • Darker pink striper
  • Gold polish

Step 1– Apply a base coat and paint the nail baby pink. I used a polish by No7

Step 2– Paint a round half moon shape at the tip of the nail with acrylic paint. Again see the image above if you need a better idea of the shape I mean

Step 3- Paint a horizontal line across the nail with a dark pink striper. You can also use the pink striper at this stage to paint little dots around the white tip.

Step 4- Paint the gold belt buckle in the centre of the pink line

Jovie is now finished!

These two nails are great together! You could even make some other colour elf nails to resemble the rest of the elves at Santa’s workshop. Come back tomorrow for details on the ‘ELF’ logo nail.

Still time to vote if you haven’t! Thank you for all of your votes so far! You have until 31st December to VOTE HERE 😉


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