Countdown to Christmas: Day 20

Christmas is just 5 days away and what better way to turn the festive spirit up than watch a Christmas film. My favourite Christmas film ever has to be elf, featuring Will Ferrell and  Zooey Deschanel. That is why I am very excited to be showing you my latest creation- elf nails!

I must say that I watched the film several times and browsed the web and Pinterest for inspiration. By favourite design was by @nailstorming, the design can be found on Pinterest as I said. I also made up 3 out of 5 designs myself, inspired by the film.

elf nailsStarting from the smallest nail, as you can see on the picture above, my nails feature ‘mr narwhal’, Jovie’s elf clothes, Buddy’s elf clothes (not costume because he is a real elf remember 😉 ), ‘not now arctic puffin’ quote, and finally the elf logo.

Today I will take you through the steps to create Mr Narwahl and the quote nails.Mr Narwahl was inspired by @nailstorming’s image but I made up the quote myself.

To create Mr Narwahl, you will need:

  • Pastel blue base colour
  • Slightly darker blue polish or I used acrylic paint
  • White nail art pen
  • Black nail art pen

He is quite easy to create but it requires a steady hand and patience. It may be easier to create it on a larger nail but here is how you can do it:

Step 1- Apply normal base coat and add the pastel blue polish.

Step 2-  Paint a stretched half moon shape at the bottom of the nail with the darker blue. You can add a bit of a highlight to the top of the oval shape.

Step 3- Outline the oval shape with the black nail art pen. Add two little fins either side. You can also add an arch for the mouth, one or two black circles for the eyes depending on which angle you are drawing it from. In the film, the character is only seen with one eye at any time but it’s up to you!

Step 4- Add two small white circles inside the eyes. Then use the white nail art pen to create the horn from his head.

Step 5-  Outline the horn and add stripes with the black pen.

Step 6- Apply a base coat to seal the design and he’s done!

The quote nail is very basic. All you need is a base colour and nail art pen. I painted my nail with the same pastel blue, wrote ‘not now arctic puffin’ in black and added a few dots of white polish for snow! You could use any quote. On my other hand I just wrote ‘hey buddy’ because it is much harder to write on your non-dominant hand with the nail pen.

Come back soon to find out how to create the rest of the nails! Byeeee Buddy….

P.S.. there’s still time to Vote 😉


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