Countdown to Christmas: Day 19

Hello and welcome back to Countdown to Christmas Day 19!

Today I will be showing you some brand new polishes that have made their way into my nail polish collection, all thanks to my best buddy the elf Zara! 😉

These polishes are by OPI from the San Francisco collection. The pack contains 4 mini OPI’s which range from a pop of colour to a mysterious holographic look. My favourite shade has to be ‘Peace & Love & OPI’. It’s described by OPI as a ‘Holographic sage and eggplant’ which is very true. I can’t stop staring at it, one minute it’s eggplant green, then it’s silver, then it’s purple! Perfect for a party this season.

peace & love & OPI_ljmoo123On my index finger, I am wearing another amazing polish- Birthday Babe, again by OPI. It’s a white/silver pearl shimmer polish. Not only great for birthdays as the name suggests, but a perfect snowflake winter colour. It would also look great as a gradient combined with one of the four San Francisco colours which I may just have to try out very soon 🙂

Birthday Babe by OPI

Birthday Babe by OPI

That is all for today, I will be working on a new Christmas design tonight which I am very excited about, I’m just hoping it goes to plan…



2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: Day 19

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